The time I challenged Squishy to a 1v1 & made him rage quit


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    Today, I tell you about the time I played @SquishyMuffinz in a 1v1 and it didn't go as planned. I played extremely good defense and kept up with him much better than he expected. For nearly the whole video, he didn't think it was me playing on my account and overall I thought it was a really funny situation, and everyone's been asking if it was me playing, so I decided to make this video. Enjoy!
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    1. amustycow

      my ego after this video: 📈📈📈

      1. Jadranka Pavlicic


      2. Ali Jude


      3. Abu Bakarr Jalloh

        Nice shot! Nice shot! Nice shot! Nice shot! Chat was disabled for 4 seconds.

      4. aaron virdi

        Keep it up your doing great 👍

      5. Zack Kilgore


    2. Arnithan Zhang

      Did you made the musty flip

    3. Patrick Martinez

      Squishy really thinks he can beat justn.

    4. Assasin_on_YT

      How do I get a chance to be in one of your videos???

    5. Abdullahgaming

      I'm a NLnamer

    6. FAZE Iyobosa

      Wow musty you are good

    7. Zuko

      musty: nrg sub? 4 months later musty literally is a nrg sub

    8. Dominic Thomas

      U played well

    9. Noah wall

      No it’s not musty Proceeds to hit double flip reset

    10. acidrain .

      squishy is a "nah" machine

    11. X

      imagine doing double flip reset when you are confused and trying to figure something out. Squishy has the game in his blood, best plpayer.

    12. joshua Tapia

      Why did you edit the video after you posted it?

    13. Arcade Tank-Apex gamer

      musty literally touches the ball Squishy: THATS NO WAY THATS MUSTY!

    14. Ghoul Liz

      6:05 squishy called that mustard would go pro

    15. Rachel Huisman

      The whole video: There is no f******* way this is musty!

    16. Omar Eltawab

      Breed: different 😈

    17. Nicholas Rojas

      He built different because of gfuel

    18. AJ Key

      Squishy pisses me off

    19. AJ Key

      Squishy kinda dum

    20. Richard Fitts

      Squishy sounds like a lil B

    21. I V R Y


    22. Vexifyz

      This man said are u looking for a team and musty says idk NRG SUB ? LOL

    23. Jayden Zuniga


    24. Leighton-Robert Hesketh

      Plot twist: squishy was playing for musty

    25. REVO 30

      I was waiting for the “thanks to squishy for a free video, and thanks to lethamyr for playing on my account!”

    26. darkness

      Im just like stfu squishy it doesn’t help to say it 500 million times, just admit he has improved that’s it...

    27. PioterToZiomal

      Hej jestem Antoś lat 9

    28. Controller Kai

      Nah nah nah musty saying to squishy after this vid Where are u going ur lost more lost than an orphan trying to find their parents

    29. Simeon Lazarov

      "ThErE iS nO wAy

    30. keemstarz s

      7:23 he didn't touch the ball though

    31. KH_57

      can someone tell me what decal squishy is using plzzz i will sub to you

    32. The dumb

      Did he say jstn

    33. Caden Sommers

      What decal was squishy using?

    34. jenifer rabaiotti

      I've never seen squishy been so mad


      Bro he just compared you to Justin

    36. Xx GAM3RGUY707 xX

      @squishy muffins it’s musty not mustard lol

    37. Mansour Altawari

      I like the part when he says”saves every thing no”and”someone sigh this Doud”

    38. GoldRaptor

      If anyone is still watching this can anyone tell me what decal squishy had on

    39. GS MrOctopus

      Bro all I heard was squishy saying there’s no way it’s him

    40. Deborah Youngblood

      Hello squishy not even in nrg during Justin insane shot

    41. Darja Pavlova

      sheets musty is cracked at rocket league

    42. Mingle

      Best moment, best time

    43. Qixcoped

      THE BARS AT 4:54

    44. Sir. Turtle

      Bro the amount of quacks in this vid

    45. W-Key L9ツ

      whats that decal squishy using??

    46. Ethan Beaumont

      Shut up

    47. Liam

      This was the audition for nrgs reserve

    48. I like ya cut g

      I wanna keep in track of how many times squishy said "musty" and "no"

    49. ok

      Hes mad

    50. Alan Camarillo

      Hey musty I’m a big fan I was wondering if I could have one of your Rocket league cars I love how your car looks like

    51. Tshokers

      He bullshitin

    52. D3sTruCT3R On BBツ

      Wait till he tells his kids That time I became the best player in the world

      1. Rocket Pencil

        Not even close to the best lol

    53. Sid The Squid

      the entire video was musty talking about what he did or squishy saying "it's not him, there's no way"

    54. hello I hope you have a nice day

      He said that Musty should turn pro haha 10:16

    55. Leanne Nutter

      I wish I was as good as you

    56. ZzFlamezZ

      It was jstn

    57. Dori998

      Squishy's confident is disrupted by Musty xddd

    58. Astronomical

      this dude named every pro player

    59. Gido Berkhout

      This man, hitting dubs flipresets while: theres no way no way😇😂

    60. Judith Morillon

      If squishy said it’s Justin but then Justin would beat squishy

    61. Liam & Link

      Title: I challenged squishy to a 1v1 and made him rage quit. The video: he challenged ME and he beat me Lol

    62. Dante Gomez

      I love you musty

    63. Cade. Takio

      Musty to good I would 1v1 you and lose play me mustt

    64. Tyler Attig

      Are we ever gonna find out who this actually was? 🥺

      1. Rocket Pencil

        It was musty

    65. crxsz blxdez

      He turned a normal video into a documentary of him making squishy rage

    66. The Inceptor

      Plot twist :it was not musty

    67. IVV Gam3R

      Ummmm? Doesn’t rocket league skill have something to do with becoming a NLnamer?

    68. Foamy

      They guy who said “that’s a different car there’s no way that’s musty” has no brain cells

    69. ShortMemesDude

      Musty: breathes Squishy: THERS NO WAY ITS HIM

    70. Jxyhan?

      Reaf the name of the vid.Squishy was confused but he didn't rage quit

    71. iamalbie123

      Roses are red Tulips are blue I subscribed to musty And so should you

    72. Tom Jackson

      Some people say musty is not neat to a pro: Me:Shows this video

    73. Nay Bay

      But actually why don't you go pro, like you play so good

      1. ahato

        He did tho

    74. Shadow Rising

      This is only the 7 Millionth time watching this

    75. Alxci

      12:25 oh well, time goes by.

    76. VETERAN 9987

      I never get tired of watching this video over and over again

    77. FoG_James

      how many of the dislikes do you think is sunlesskhan's fans

    78. Chronic_Nova

      wodershare has a fuckin water mark and its fucking trash

    79. Radu Pop

      Can you do a challenge you and squishy vs Justin

    80. CVZen

      14:19 Eminem be like:

    81. shadowghost4747Gaming

      should have done a musty flick he wouldve known it was you and you pro

    82. Ara ara sayonara

      Squishy: this is forky Me: bro forky is buns

    83. Austin Currie


    84. Treytonland Playz

      Now you are beating him in subs by 1.16m

    85. archiiixx'ss backupp

      at the end nanananananana

    86. Roger Yu

      Is musty ur real name

    87. Ryan Martinez

      Bro your to good

    88. Yoshi My G

      Nice play

    89. Kolton Smith

      This is literally a video of squishy saying there’s no way and no shot the whole time

    90. Reome Jr

      So is it now time for part 2 ? @amustycow @SquishyMuffinz

    91. NRG Spikez

      I love how squishy has more likes in the comments than musty

    92. subcool9

      I dare you to pause The vid at 2:38

    93. TheDancingDiamond’s alt

      That musty flick was 🔥🔥🔥

    94. Malachi Reid


    95. CorruptedClipZ

      Cora I'm writthct ot /

    96. XxACO11xX

      Plot twist: it actually wasn’t musty playing but he wanted to say he beat squishy

    97. Ethan Harrison


    98. Christian Reinhold

      Pov: your from tiktok here

    99. Hobson McMaster

      they sayin it aint musty plot twist its actually mushy scuffins

    100. Cody Academia

      He says nrg sub