That time I played in the craziest Rocket League tournament of all time ($25,000)


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    Today, I tell you about the craziest Rocket League tournament I've ever played in. With a mix of content creators and pros, I played in the Twitch Rivals Rocket League tournament in dropshot, snowday, standard 3v3, spike rush, and heatseeker to try and win a $25,000 prize!
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    1. Jesse Zuniga

      6:20 ooooooooooo musty

      1. Jesse Zuniga


    2. Sandra Alvarez

      At 6:20 musty said oh sh*t

    3. RBG gaming Clan

      I don’t think Athena meant to do a fake

    4. Antonis Vareltzidis

      Lesson of the story: don’t judge a book by its cover

    5. Alan Camarillo

      Hey musty I’m a big fan of your videos I was wondering if I could have in of your musty cars in rocket league can you plssss

    6. Gurjas Sraw

      Lets Go baby

    7. Jaxson King

      This poor man TEAM ATHENA

    8. IKON1CAL TH3 B0T

      Mustys fake excitement made me cry lol

    9. Ethans-vibes

      11:28 Thank me later

      1. Ethans-vibes

        16:35 Thank me later

    10. Delexers

      squishy: whAAAAaat

    11. DrFishStick

      musty's facecam lookin like nickmercs xD

    12. thunder king

      6.19 must said f

    13. General Klanker

      15:29 newest dono🤣

    14. Marwan Al khatib

      The back up effect tho made me laugh 14:55

    15. Ryanator_51YT

      We need a “Let’s go!” Counter

    16. Fire Wolf 2012

      Nice one musty

    17. Arkiplier !

      Sry rizzo you got yeeted time 11:52

    18. Sara Naranjo

      6:19-6:20 he said a bad word

    19. Ech0 Gaming

      All I hear in the first match is slotting

    20. Saket Balasubramaniam

      15:21 musty is dababy.......let`s gooo

    21. sundwn

      11:30 weird thing in beggining

    22. Eli Ortega

      POV: the Athena video of this one was below 💀

    23. Andrew

      me when Athena picks musty:OMG YESSSSSS!! When he said yay: i am depressed

    24. Pro tpop

      What did musty say i what?

    25. PROductive

      15:33 wat u say?

    26. V a n I l l a T e d d y

      13:40 ayo look at the newest dono

    27. Bluez1

      POV you see musty juke players so u try but you destroyed

    28. Mark Kwiecinski

      Musty thinks he is a pro

    29. Siham Isse

      Oh no

    30. Laurel Wright

      Athena: I will pick musty Musty: yay woo

    31. Poutpout10

      Good job winning 25k

    32. Ayish Vlogs

      8:00 I legit felt bad for musty there

    33. Falcon Plays

      Dream: become like musty in RL Me: can't do simple aerials

    34. Murtaza Malik

      15:35 My favourite Part!

    35. Egg Face

      Is is a da baby montage lol

    36. Nightmare gaming

      15:22 is this Da Musty?

    37. Kolton Smith

      15:37 I started laughing so hard lmao

    38. KL Kr4nk

      *Chell picks up a 100 boost pad and tries to save it* “NO! I had no boost. Time is at 6:35

    39. Quizzy Gamer

      POV: you’re checking who won

    40. Scott Howell

      I fell like musty is dababy because he always says let’s go

    41. Xx GAM3RGUY707 xX

      Yes sir

    42. SamDaMan777

      13:40 newest Dono from Riley Reid???

    43. XD Beezy

      If your reading this comment, bless you, your family and have a great day

    44. Karlomar Lingan


    45. D.V Smoke

      Congratulations for the Biggest simp award 2021

    46. Leighton Six


    47. GR gaming

      Imagine if sunless played

    48. i A88


    49. Dragons 321

      So much for not wanting to be on Athena's team

    50. Breck Pay

      This vid is fire

    51. Andrew O

      My friend says yay exactly like that

    52. Skylar Murren

      Lamo once he said me Athena and Karma did well in dropshop I just got a Dropbox ad lol

    53. Tom Isam

      Musty said shit when a own goal happened on snow day play it on 0.5 speed

    54. Cjdkdndnnd dnd

      I- bumped -I bumped yea i -*-athena and karma still talking-*- yea i- bumped.

    55. Kim Jonasson


    56. fr3ak f

      i like how everyone is impressed about that easy spike rush shot that musty did cuz literally nobody plays spike rush

    57. Average Indian Male Sidhu

      I like when they said “Let’s Goooo!” 👉🏿😁👈🏿

    58. Jonathon Jones

      25k also known as like 3000 jars of g-fuel

    59. HeatRL

      Musty you should edit this and put a slaughting counter on Athena and Karma

    60. Micah Bauer

      Musty vs alpha kep

    61. Faris Bosundal

      6:18 musty almost said the sh## word

    62. WrootS

      6:40 she said she had no boost she just grabbed 100 pad

    63. Mars

      Did musty say oh Shi-

    64. Samuel Marasco

      16:07 newest donor Riley Reid

    65. The Ortiz Fam !

      Musty almost said the s word

    66. Drizzle Gaming


    67. Zé Nuno


    68. The Dark legend XD

      Musty literally said a bad word

    69. ruben vandenbroek

      nice shot

    70. Isaiah Perry

      It’s not look upon but musty almost cussed during the end of the snow day match

    71. Aiden Yoder

      Musty almost cussed he said ohh shi

    72. Joe Pepper

      i love it how musty cant even speed flip in this but now hes pro lmao

    73. Dean Butt

      Who heard this is totally an epic poggers moment on snow day lol

    74. Hxzzys

      Athena:*scores* Me:wait that’s illegal.

    75. Jair Chavez

      Musty X Karma question mark

    76. xXGamerGuyXx

      Chell:*Has 100 Boost* "I had no booost"

    77. Sebastian Gill

      Heatseecer...LETS GOOOOOOOOO

    78. Fin Swallow ッ

      He can buy 5 alpha boost with this

    79. The Vortex Guy

      Chell said she had no boost she had 60

    80. Fyrværkeribrødrene Dk


    81. Isaac Figueroa

      The edits r so funny bro good job your the best 👍

    82. German Grassano

      11:26 My fav Goal

    83. TrumanTheTurtle

      @musty I have a question: do you ever get tempted to drink the g fuel behind u

    84. OurNotSoOrdinaryLife

      Can u pls trade me a musty car my user is BryceTheHero505 I have been one of your first fans

    85. sporaction92

      11:27 for the epic moment of the beginning of the video ;)

    86. Sajin yo Savage boi

      Must said said the s word in snow day after the own goal

    87. Gurjas Sraw

      Musty almost said the s word

    88. Stuart Brown

      and misty oooooooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    89. Stuart Brown

      you love athena oooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    90. nour reda

      7:39 well this was a really sick air dribble

    91. nour reda

      bro what is the name of the song that musty used in his standard 3 v 3 match I really want to know

    92. nour reda

      Dude the music that played when musty was playing in standard 3 vs 3 was really good

    93. Kelly Granda

      Athena take a chill pill

    94. Squinchy

      Athena “It’s between Sunless and Musty” Musty “Pick Sunless” Athena “I’m gonna go with Musty” Musty “yay...”

      1. Skip


    95. Daniel Ramos


    96. Storm Striker


    97. Geile Kartoffel

      Lets goooooooooo

    98. Leo Mendiola

      Dam musty was hyped to be on Athena's team!

    99. rile6790 rile6790

      6:29 whenever musty laughs he sounds like a 4 year old

    100. Karen Elnicki

      Musty? OMG ushjzjsuuxhhahhwhshhsh what hshnskkdjsjysysususuususususushshshs iam your biggest fan my brother watches u Musty 😱 u a god