Rocket league pros guess which player they are: Who is the smartest?


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    Today, I get 6 professional Rocket League players try and guess the pro players they're watching. Squishy, Jstn, Garrettg, Rizzo, Chicago, and Jknaps work together to try and win $100 each if they all guess themselves correctly. Watch the video to find out how they do!
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    1. amustycow

      I’ll give away PS5 to one of my subscribers in PLINK app! Download Plink here: Get best teammates for playing Rocket League and other multiplayer games! Use my promo code: amustycow Add me: amustycow#70645 Don’t miss your chance!

      1. CENXUQ77

        I play on ps4 so my name is CENXUQ77 if you can add me

      2. CENXUQ77

        Can I play with you I'm a big fan I use your flag all the time

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        man i wish i had a phone and even if i did it wouldn't be an apple so no ps5 for me lol

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        Musty can I please have a ps5

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        @amustycow i don't want a ps5 i want a musty car!!!!!! :((( please see this comment

    2. TC

      U done mest up

    3. saul butterworth

      This is such a cool video idea

    4. Splash BAZ

      Ahh come on man Garret ruins the money for G2! I guess he wants revenge.

    5. Hali hi York

      Musty you are the best hope you go to pro don’t let me down ple

    6. Ringo

      so he copied sunlesss video

      1. Ringo

        he did though I'm not a hater

    7. Oliver Norrena

      why wouldnt they all just say everytime "its me"

    8. Kenneth Layton

      The first one I can tell he was squishy because after he score he stands still

    9. Eden Torres

      Garreeet why u mess up

    10. Christian Pierre Louis

      A ps5 for ONE subscriber. That means he only wants to give back to ONE subscriber.

    11. Robin Tobiasson

      if everybody guessed themselves every time then they win

    12. Garrett Shaw

      My name is Garrett and I’m grand champion and people ask me if I’m garrettG on an alt account

    13. Naaman Duckworth

      Bruh plink is 17 bucks a month

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    15. ImGoatedStef i

      Garret threw the bag 💼

    16. Jacob Luera

      I know why squishy was the first because musty loves squishy

    17. Scott Gorrell


    18. michael kamalo

      wouldn’t you remember playing that match?

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      Garret stinks

    21. Walt Dobecki

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    22. Tymon Koronkiewicz

      Don't steal videos XD

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    24. Henry K

      "if you're like me and have no friends" Yup sounds like me

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    26. Aidan Gries

      Click the PLINK in the description

    27. JLZ FDRCK

      Wouldn’t they just look at there cars

      1. Skaeno

        Did you not... watch the video?

    28. Unknown

      Squishys too big brain for this

    29. supersupernig sexyboy

      I have plink but I can't join but can I play with you or have another chance for doing a challenge or something 🥺🥺❤❤

    30. Mr. ReFlex Gessner

      I got triggerd when Garrer changed his guess

    31. Danielle Colthup

      You are the best

    32. Ani Malach

      You should do the same video but don’t reveal the names until the end so the viewers can guess too

    33. Nightz

      Watching this two months later musty should have used the g2 vs nrg battle bus match😂😂😂

    34. Patrick Hyun Wilson

      I think one thing that's been proven repeatedly in the Rocket League pro scene is: Don't let GarrettG play any kind of trivia games.

    35. Kimberley Lamb

      Pls play fotnitre

    36. Dark RL

      7:02 rizzo using his big brain

    37. Neeraj Kharga

      Everyone else- Chicago Garret-Sicago

    38. Diego Juarez

      Just from jstns comment i think they lost

    39. Omar Godinez

      I dispise u for saying fortnite

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      Was you in the stream from @byrepaz or was it a faker ?

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    45. Jayden Gallego

      When you describe what do you get

    46. Jayden Gallego

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    50. Maxinit

      Musty fi u respond ill shave my head bald

    51. Harrison Campbell Lyon

      Why doesnt it let me on plink???

    52. Nicklas Reinstrup

      Musty make a new video when you see videos with almost 0 wievs and try watch best of duckies he is sick and have like 20 wievs

    53. Firewolf K

      Hey gamer

    54. Kevin Monroy

      why isent jstn commentating

    55. sarah Hughes 2020

      who won NGR or N2

    56. Faze Craz3

      Hey can you do a challenge where you’d see who’d win a supersonic legend vs a bot supersonic legend

    57. Arturo Serrano Torres

      What if you do not play on anything

    58. Toprak Aras karabay

      i wish the ps 5 to be given who needs


      I did it

    60. R4RE5

      iiiiiiiii waaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ps5.

    61. starwarsboi

      Wow I was scammed and lost interstellar, It will make my day if Musty replies

      1. djhawk

        No one cares

    62. callum-lee davies

      | sudcribed and put all notification even liked and i want to add you on rckt lg

    63. I will love u forever buster

      Today I went on rl games and told people to sub 2 musty then I left and kept doing it 😂🙂

    64. Felix_Felix jakobsen

      Musty... one day i wish to be as good as you, it’s my dream to play like a pro in RL, and if u see this please like so i can remember this. I hope to be as good as you one day❤️

    65. Mahdi Saifi

      I’m so sorry for the people that where on garrets team lol they just lost 100 rip

    66. Chattaplayz

      one day I will 1v1 you

    67. David J

      14:19 I'm dead XD.

    68. BIGPPMAN 3000

      Wow😂rlly garret


      The paying thing not the app


      Also plink is pay to play which sucks and I think it’s pretty dumb tbh


      When it’s 12:00 at night and your falling asleep to his voice because it’s nots that loud but also not that low so it’s like perfect I’m not trying to be sus it’s just a soothing voice and he talks a lot of smart things I would never know in rocket league thanks goodnight😂🤣❤️😆

    72. Chris Beaner

      Hey Gamer

    73. ADankDog12

      Hi I’m new to NLname can you check me out this weekend I will be streaming live close to 6pm Chicago time

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      Plink would be good if you didn’t have to pay that’s the gay part about it

    76. Liquid Axtro

      YO!! Squishy ain’t playin

    77. bbg Jen

      I’m downloading plink

    78. Griffins vibing

      You have your own flag

    79. Specter x

      shee eshh

    80. Zolvez

      I have been wondering for a while-where us Chicago from? I'm thinking Springfield.

    81. Stuff King

      Wait, what are friends?

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      I must say to only do most oy flick for two games

    84. Nico Caputo

      And I subbed

    85. Nico Caputo

      I did that can I join the giveaway

    86. Everardo Medina

      im just watching this now wow. im gonna unsubscribe from garrett because thats messed up.

    87. breezzy_jordan

      They say I need elite tho

    88. HackingWithSkill

      Plink isn't free guys !!!

    89. Camo clan

      Musty I have vid idea Where u have Diamond 1,2, and three but people have to guess what rank they are (I have been subbed since I first got rocket luegue with was a year ago I love you vids😇

    90. WokenFinerz Yt

      hey musty can u teach me how to get good cos imm rlly bad

    91. outkast925

      i bot your mrch

    92. 11 Enrique Rafael Cruz

      Hi Musty! I just subbed a few weeks back and I wondering... "Do you have the Peregrine TT Car in Rocket League?". I love your vids btw.

    93. Retro Uni

      can i play with you

    94. Funfetti

      Player: Drives. Not Boost. No Nothing Them: Oh yeah totally Jknaps Driving style

    95. Tyler Cooke

      Hey 1v1 me

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      Musty a scardy cat

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