Reacting to the OLDEST Rocket League videos on the internet


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    Today, we react to the oldest Rocket League videos on the internet including one of Squishy's first aerials, Freestyle Friday 1, Rocket League insanity 1, Kronovi vs Gibbs 1v1, one of the first musty flicks, along with some super old Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket Powered Battle Cars (SARPBC) gameplay. All videos linked below.
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    Squishy's insane aerial:
    Jzr Freestyle Friday 1:
    Rocket League Insanity 1:
    Gibbs vs Kronovi 1v1:
    Kuxir97 Montage:
    mUsTy FlIcK
    Kronovi double touch aerial:
    Oldest SARPBC gameplay:

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    1. Awesomeguy

      Wait so musty is 21?

    2. haze

      3:55 Pro math

    3. Syfer Xanden

      16:07 PS3?! *aggressively opens closet*

    4. How about That

      I started late 2016

    5. dean jameson

      I rock the bmw

    6. Kiyush Rambaratsingh

      Hé should Watch pototato league

    7. Micah Lowther

      Been playing rocket league on and off since 2015 when it came with the preorder for the steam controller, only recently playing it actually frequently, so I didnt know the meta changes so much

    8. Blake McMahan

      Super sonic acrobatics aeriel cars

    9. James Phillips

      I was a year old when he posted 10 years ago

    10. Dave TheScrub

      You only flashed it but you spelled existence wrong in the intro.. sorry Musty

    11. Mr BlueBullet

      Me: That first shot by Squishy was pretty good! Also me: Oh wait, I’m a gold....

    12. ROBLOX tiled Gaming

      I play on my power PC

    13. Brian Vaughn

      i was 4 when he was 7

    14. Ian Romero

      That clip is 10years and am 10 I wasint even born

    15. Beau Priestly

      the fact that these guys are still better than me is just sad

    16. V apostolou

      Who else is here on 2021?

    17. pRoJect 45

      Omg dude i havent listened to e dubble on so longgg

    18. BurgerBoss1234 5

      That aerial in the beginning was not gold or plat. I would say diamond and I'm a plat player

    19. Matt Campbell

      Bro gold's can hit arials I'm gold 2 and I can hit a double tap

    20. Hamad. Fn

      10Years ago I wouldn’t even born

    21. James Pettersson

      1:59 edubble’s freestyle Fridays takes me back to the Bo1/ MW3 days

    22. DuluxGaming

      Bro the kronovis first video you sayd some of you aren't even born and it was 24.may 2010 and i was born 24.may 2010🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    23. The Golden Boy

      Who is here in 2022?

    24. call me mizty

      I did the calculations and musty is 20 years old

    25. Ry4n on RL

      In the last one I would have been 1 month old😂

    26. Skittle Luke

      8:02 they are bronze

    27. James Duncan

      the music scared me

    28. GalaxyX

      Fun fact: Musty is 21 years old

    29. ST0RM YT

      8:37 musty:”just bang the ball” Musty????siiiiir what?? Edit:Dirty minded people understand

    30. Koke Koke

      Squishy the first clip was ok it just needed some air roll

    31. gavin johnston

      how did musty have apha boost.

    32. Arthxr YT

      1:15 best bit

    33. Bearwolf playz

      2008.... holy shit im young

      1. Bearwolf playz

        i was born in 2008....

    34. Ciccio Caputo

      I play since 2015 and I'm a noob plat with like 500hrs. I guess it's because i play a lot of games just for fun so I'm bang average at everyone

    35. GoofyGhost2000

      "That angle doesnt even fit on the protractor." Musty 2021.

    36. Da_GOAT_999

      He said dats a basic shot in 2021 me how da hell

    37. Siraj Matadar


    38. scotrian

      1:53 rip edub

    39. James Tarh Agbor

      Dyffryn is very annoying

    40. James Tarh Agbor


    41. Darkside

      I’m calling it in 2022-2023 I will go pro n be top of leaderboards remember the name Scalleydee

    42. Lazar on PS5

      Bro i was one in 2008 lol

    43. forma_

      I still cant hit these shots XD

    44. Susen Baruto


    45. Hayden Young

      Honestly, I hate the "Hey gamer" intro.

    46. Sam Wells

      I was born when kranovi hit the double touch arial

    47. Rupee

      what is up with your hair

    48. the boybrutus

      This kinda makes me feel better about being C2 considering ive only been playing since 2019. The reason these guys are so good is bc theyve literally been playing for 3x the amount ive been playing

    49. The_ 2k god!

      Them making ceiling shots me 👏🏽😮

    50. Alex Bakhshov

      8:36 girls in high school be like

    51. Jenny Ernsberger

      I hit my first musty flick and I'm gold 3 max

    52. Odhran Mc carthy


    53. Fin

      i was 2 months old when kronovis first vid was uploded

    54. Airzy_

      Super acrobatic looks like mobile league

    55. Maddox T

      the 2008 clip i wasnt even born when it came out.. :/

    56. pdx_ souls

      Bro them back then are better than me bow😂🤣😥😪😒

    57. Alien popcorn

      Gibbs vs kernobi reminds me of silver 4 gameplay🥶

    58. Meme Duffys

      Jon isn’t the same dude I remember in like 2017 he would swear like an insane amount

    59. Aspxct

      14:16 wait ur 21

    60. Adham Negm

      14:50 Walmart rocket league

    61. Kody Boyer

      i was 1 tear old when that 2008 vid was posted haha

    62. Fusion Master

      do a athena flick musty

    63. Connor Coultas

      Squishy shot at beginning was more like modern diamond 1 or maybe high plat. But that's being generous.

    64. Relaxed Cubing

      Bruh... I can't be the only one that went to press skip ad 7:30

    65. BraxtonNewton

      Video idea :trying bad rocket league copies/ripoffs

    66. David Pavic


    67. David Pavic

      I want to play with you

    68. David Pavic

      Musty with what are u playing ps4 xbox or pc?

    69. XD neel

      Musty u should do a video on recreating these shots


      No cap I wasnt even born march of 2008 I was born December of 2008😏

    71. Reese Graves

      Musty you left the social blade up for us haha 2:10

    72. CrystalTYTk

      if that is high gc i cant even imagine prospect 1 at the time

    73. Filip Mađar

      What the.... i wasnt even born in march 2008 🤯

    74. Luckky

      I wonder if musty has ever used reddit

    75. DailyBoi E

      Remember in your video we’re you try to type in random names for private matches? We still need free styling with pearson.

    76. Joe

      Bruh I'm in mid/high plat and never see ceiling shots. Am I on the wrong game?

    77. Michael Fernicola

      bru im dreaming to get better at rocket league im trash.

    78. Miguel Appley

      Wich is the music of the 1st aerial goal

    79. Sync On 60Hz

      I've been playing since 2016-2017 but took a long break, but how come I don't have the est.2017 tag or est.2016 tag?

    80. Mec QWAXED

      the 2008 one was a couple of months before i was born

    81. prime_ reflex58

      What's crazy is that the musty flick vid just popped up on my recommended lmao

    82. Benjamin Maselli

      me in pkat whne he says in play your going for cs's: im a tactical player not a crackhead

    83. S1pectral_gg

      The ten yr old kronovi vid is older than me

    84. X10 Army

      I was 2 on kronovis double touch

    85. Notna 281

      ‘That angle doesn’t even fit on the protractor’😂😂

    86. Isac Wagner Johansson

      I like how Gips got alpha wheels

    87. Cr1osi0us47

      12:25 people are still figuring out “ok I can pass”

    88. Killer Wolf

      What's mustys real name?

    89. X2_Fusion

      9 year olds right now: oh yea i remember that but they're f2p

    90. Dark Nap

      Song in the background?

    91. milkshake_gaming

      9:52 “bang the ball” 😳

    92. milkshake_gaming

      Wooow og utopia coliseum looks so wierd cos it’s og

    93. Quick 2k vids

      who’s here in 5062

    94. D-Team

      Ahhhh good memoris

    95. Kristina V

      I started at 2020

    96. SHARKBITE 361

      16:26 This was 3 months before I was born lol.

    97. CloudZy_ClixZシ

      Wow people in 2016 are better than i am today😅

    98. BLK

      i was 2 😳

    99. ItsLava.

      In squishes first clip was that a battle bus saving it😂😂

    100. Krusty Data

      I accidentally did a musty before it was a thing