My best Rocket League goals of 2020! | Musty MOMENTS 14 🐮


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    Musty Rocket League MOMENTS 14. In the video, I show some of my best goals from 2020. The video features some of my best Rocket League highlights/moments that I've had in the past month (musty flicks, flip resets, fakes, and other mechanics). Enjoy!
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    2. Matija Gjerapic (student)

      wait? what happened to... Moo Moo Moments :(

    3. Wojtek Siroic

      just wow

    4. green _rl

      Those fakes🥵🥵

    5. Steph and Rick Cross

      Call this man evample

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      I was the millionth view 😎

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      "Someone get the pro tracker" 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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      Keep up the good work👍👍👑👑👑👑

    10. EBI Khan

      Is musty better than ferry peak

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    12. Rayane Taheri

      2.24 lmao

    13. Blaazing Fishy

      Let’s gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

    14. Derek Steele

      Ur a gaming god.

    15. RiRi S

      The aztral pinch 🥵🤏

    16. Parker Foster

      I wish I could be like you simeday

    17. Parker Foster

      Those are insane musty

    18. stephen batten

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    19. Slaketaxel

      😂😂😂 9:50 xD that sound made me cry laugh

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    21. Landin Ruff Vlogs

      Me: listening to the music more than watching Musty: OMG REVERSE OBAMA

      1. Eicob

        Yes bro ahaha

    22. Sara Holmes

      when you use the NRG car i don't know which team your on so i just look at the scoreboard

    23. Rudy Gonzalez

      does anyone know his outro song?

    24. SHboneless

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      hey what song is it because i love it

    27. Veton Kerveshi

      whats your discord

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    29. Kaden Martin

      How do u get the nrg decal without spending money if that’s even possible

      1. Airplane Man 7 9

        You have to buy it sadly

    30. Doaa Farouk Farouk


    31. Nata Demirel

      2:29 that corner pinch was clean👍

    32. Exotic Boss

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    34. RewstER Gaming

      Alternate title: Musty new Justin?!?!?

    35. Elisha Klein

      Musty,we get it, you are insane at Rocket league.This video is just your proof.

      1. Xela

        Lol watch rocket league fix they make him look terrible

    36. Darren Hulkes

      U got musty flicked Xd

    37. Douglas Nichols


    38. Thomas Tingle

      @amustycow stunting on Nancy pelosi

    39. gooshy

      Mom: so little musty what did u do at gaming school today? Musty:I used this button called powerslide and it breaks people's ankles Mom:😅

    40. Jennie Osman

      Yep always first musty

    41. frorqe yt

      1:53 i think about this goal everyday

    42. Tiffany Bickley


    43. Elyas-W-Keys

      AA ur making it look easy but its not

    44. Αγγελος Youtuber

      The song is dripping at 0:23 you guys get it and do you get it musty?? 😏😏😏😏😂😂😂😂😂😂 love your videos so much love you so much ❤️❤️ your the best youtuber you killed it 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

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      Do 7 gc vs 2 super sonic legends

    46. Maria Gull


    47. XRP South Woodham

      fire song for the clips all synced aswell siiiiick bro

    48. Imagine Being Stoned

      1:58 a little extra tbh

    49. Talha Kaya

      Wich Boost is this

      1. Xela

        Alpha boost its 400,000k credits

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    51. twisted lasns

      can you give me a fennec if you don't use it

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    53. Zaran Farzeen

      i love the song what is it and your 1st and the best

    54. Empowered Intuition

      musty luv ur channel ; )

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    56. Bolt RL

      How can people dislike this wtf

    57. Wassim Al Sayyed

      I can do the musty even I'm silver 1

    58. Its Light._.

      What's that first song

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      I subbed to musty so long ago and he’s still awesome

    60. Intercepted

      Bro musty u know that song said the n word i think?

    61. Aurelia-San

      Yo musty, I hope you see this message as I have been watching your videos for i think since the start of 2020, and I would like to ask if youd like to do some 2s together in casuals or maybe ranked or something? I may not be as good as you but I'm getting there, but again congrats on over a million subs! I bet your next montage will be insane!

      1. Xela

        Sorry he didn’t reply 😞

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      Musty: scoring a ceiling-shot-musty-double-flip-reset-triple-tap Also Musty: ahh thats was kinda good

      1. Xela

        Yhyh watch rocket league fx they make him look terrible

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      Musty is the new jzr???

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      Holy cow! Holy cow! Holy cow! Holy cow! Chat disabled for 1 second

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      Musty underrates himself

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      9:58 Squishy goals

      1. Xela

        Definitely not 10:10

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      1:50 was smooth

    75. Miriam Leean-Rodenz

      You ARE THE BEST NLnameR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    76. Miriam Leean-Rodenz

      Can you do a 3 taps and make it

    77. Lilmossy46

      Do I accept trades and friend requests ¿ I'm on xbox

    78. MysteriousFilms Frolley

      reverse obama?? XD i was lisening to the music and... REVERSE OBAMA

    79. Cordae Hezemans

      4:00 WHAT A SAVE

    80. icyy!

      is it just me or is the flick i made so ez

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      musty: does a flip reset musty double touch* opponents: what!?!?!??!?!? Musty: OHHHHHHHHhhhhhhhhhh me: HOW DID HE WHAT IN THE WORLD!?!??!!??!

      1. Xela

        Lol watch rocket league fx they make him look terrible

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      1. Dalton Flug


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