Meet the Top 5 Rocket League Player With 1 Arm


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    Today I interview and play against one of the best rocket league 1v1 players in the scene who only has 1 arm. Ashllxyy is a 15 year old from the from Europe and despite all odds, he's managed to make his way to the very top of the 1v1 leaderboard. I wanted to get his name out there and allow him to tell his story. Feel free to give him a follow using the links below!
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    1. Elagartopocho

      2:00 hell yeah, i always wanted to know how sonic tasted like

    2. Michael Dodson

      Can we just take a moment to think if he had two arms he would be unbeatable

    3. Christopher Kurzak

      that insane

    4. Rasmus Zimmer

      Why is his controller turned off?

    5. Blaseball7

      Mans only been playing since f2p???

    6. Love Trolling


    7. GXRLA Prod.

      14:08 musty gangster almost slipped be he hit us wit the surely

    8. Sebastian Rigbolt-Hundborg

      100$ every time musty blinks…

    9. Robby Hallford

      who should be in a team if he’s beating a net member

      1. Robby Hallford


    10. メjynxkz

      Im plat and i have 1 hand:)

    11. Nofachx

      Ask him if hes left or right handed

    12. Ghoul Liz

      i have to arms and am only Diamond 1 xD he is insane

    13. adriano Bernucci

      Blessings 🙏❤️

    14. Sulman Ali

      I dont give a crap he is the best player ever better than everyone all top players!!!!!!

    15. Evan Bourne

      I can triple tap and i have only played 50 hours

    16. EL Flashy

      The controller turned off and the car is playing hes not playimg a nother giy has playing for hik

    17. 2006 HondaCivic

      Bro this guy looks like Harry Hesketh 🤣

    18. gytis 123 :D

      This dude have only 1 arm and play with chin Me both arms playing for 1 year still in plat 2 or 3 and sometimes misses ball like wtf

    19. Ana Cervantes

      Nobody is going to talk how the one arm has his controller off

    20. Noisy240

      Bro when musty said he had the ping disadvantage and arm disadvantage my jaw dropped lmao

    21. Inne

      Sunless in like 3 days: meet the player that is a tissue and is top 3

    22. DaMrNggz

      plot twist he is a robot

    23. xSkyward Soulx

      If he masters 3v3, imagine him going pro.

    24. HaL0 AquaZz


    25. Dakshith.Vijay homeschool

      who tf would unlike this if you did your so god braind dead

    26. Tyler

      Just how

    27. Tyler

      How does he do this

    28. Sinbad The conqueror of the 7 seas

      anyone noticed his controller aint even turned on???

    29. François Fassart

      With seeing youre video you made my day😀

    30. Snow

      Sunless Next week meet the best rocket league player with no limbs

    31. L4oa

      He plays with one arm and he is 100x better than me even if i have 3 arms

    32. OSAKA


    33. TB_kingdash10

      We all have gotten mad at lag and controller problems (If you have). Watching this video told me that we shouldn't have been mad at these things. We at least have 2 arms to play with.

    34. Noah Barthe

      15:36 why is the controller not on?

    35. Fred Ojewal

      This kid is smartttttttt

    36. Darwin Dark

      It took me a couple games to learn about ball cam...

    37. Marks 父

      Imagine Braziling musty😭

    38. Saad Staouni

      in 2022 a guy win against musty wed his feet

    39. mystroh

      i wanna see this guy in rlcs that would be so cool

    40. Will Brown

      Can I have 6500 credits I need them

    41. IncoQT

      I watched him 1v1 people i thought he was a girl lol cause of his name

    42. Mart the Fart

      Musty when he got boost starved: "He had all the advantage on me." Me: "Excuse me...."

    43. KaleTornado

      literally how is he doing this

    44. Youngboinate _yt

      Did anyone notice how his controller is off?

    45. Alexander Futó

      His controler is off bro

    46. MK

      All this time, I bet I've been losing to 1 armed gods

    47. William McMaster

      What’s the decal ash is using?

      1. William McMaster

        @jaaimme04 bro I think it might be something like Marc by 8s car he might be using a painted dune racer

      2. jaaimme04

        bro i want to know it too. if u discover how is called tell me pls

    48. AstrolithogicX 497

      I found a new mechanic

    49. Demonetisation

      15:37 his controler isnt light up tho so it doesnt work😕

    50. Matthew McCall

      Does anyone notice he has a ps4 controller but its off lol

    51. Nolberto Quezada

      honestly this kid is goated

    52. Grazier

      0:00” *This is the thing if u need IRocket CreditsI* ” ▶ ️ 𝗥𝗢𝗖𝗞𝗘𝗧𝗖𝗥𝗘𝗗𝗜𝗧𝗦.𝗫𝗬𝗭 ”Am I right?”垃圾 。Lord

    53. Glitchtrap

      Musty fix your eyebrows

    54. Klutch

      This is how many times he said with your Your situation 👇

    55. AlphaChad1856

      musty do a face reveal plsss

    56. XxSickBoixX

      this guy is probbly gonna be the best 1s player one day player (probbly cud join rlcs if he played more 3s)

    57. T B

      Dude this man has played the exact same games as me and I’m the same age.

    58. Werner

      Every kid that sees this video Mom can i have gfuel bc im gonna be smarter if i drink it

    59. thodoris tsiabalis

      He is a legend 😇😇😇

    60. Tonio gitch

      U know your bad when you lose to someone who can easily destroy anyone with his chin

    61. Thomas Skjæveland


    62. benjamin

      Lol he was reading a script for the add

    63. Charlie Haines


    64. Anthony Flowers

      hey musty how are you can you please give me a name suggestion if you do it would be my name for everything if you do see this thanks and please respond. and also dont let the hate get to you keep your head up.

    65. Tyler Taitt


    66. Tyler Taitt

      My name is Joannekelly89

    67. Tyler Taitt


    68. Tyler Taitt

      I subscrobed

    69. Tyler Taitt

      Sunlesskhan disgusting

    70. Tyler Taitt

      I love your vids

    71. ThugFox

      What a lad

    72. Tommyboi 666

      That guy is insane!! ggs no1 in my book 👌🏻🔥

    73. Yolah That

      I think he let you get the first goal

    74. Yolah That

      Musty the kid is goated he completely clapped you

    75. CactusKid MC

      my guy out here getting top 5 with one arm while im still stuck in gold.... hmmm...

    76. Enzo Tosto

      I don’t want to be that guy but... anyone realize his controller isn’t on.

    77. Bailey McRoberts

      how is he so good i play with two arms and im worse im on my sissters computer by the way

    78. Leo Hawes

      React to alexkuscy

    79. First Name

      Next one should be teaming with him I want more of this guy.

    80. Papi Burpito

      Ash looks like mongraal

      1. sheeshcatXX

        Kinda yeh

    81. My little Pony355

      Ashley vs squishy would be an interesting match

    82. Alien Playz

      If he was on nrg bro

    83. Luke Maat

      Imagine this kid with 2 arms tho

    84. Practically Nicky

      Him saying he was nine and now hes fifteen and he has 67k hrs in game did he not have school

    85. Dilly Rights

      Musty every second of their 1 v 1 “he’s recoveries are to good”

      1. That Kid24

        Omd that’s so dark

    86. Riley Fowler

      respect to ashllxyy

    87. Tristan Holm

      You Can see his controler isnt even turned on

    88. keagan ward

      He lookin at his script 😮😮😮😮

    89. Luggas on xbox

      yo Must you have been number 94 in 1s idk I saw that

    90. mason hawdon

      got this vid to 40 k likes on the dot

    91. Watery teepx

      Thumbnail : OnLy OnE aRm ,arrow that points and a mystery character with 2 arms! Me: thet moks since

    92. Delicate73

      Musty: My MMR is 1,400 Me not even knowing what MMR is: My MMR is idk like 2,300 Musty: damn bro! Me:( whispering to my friend) what’s MMR? My friend: how do you have 2,300 MMR? Your not even good at the game.

    93. Gaz HD

      I play one handed because I had a stroke at 4 and c2

    94. Chance Trotter

      My favorite flavor is Peach Rings and I drink raging gummy fish all the time I am the same as musty but flipped around

    95. Daniël Ulyev

      Imagine him with 2 hands bro. He would be even more cracked than he already his

    96. Regi Dunlop

      hes gotta go pro like forreal

    97. Corrupted_OberonRL

      Message incorrectly explained i cut my arm but i still play like trash

    98. Dyon Kafarakis

      I think it’s not real because the guy with 1 arm his controller isn’t even on

    99. FixLeo

      Musty: Beats Squishy in a 1v1 Also musty: Loses 4:0 in first 30 seconds to guy that has only 1 arm

    100. Balazs

      petition to get a "ONE ARMED PRO" for him!!