Lethamyr & I begin the grind to Supersonic Legend | SSL 2v2 Ep. 26 | Rocket League


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    After doing my season 3 placement matches, @Lethamyr and I play some 2v2 ranked to begin our grind back to supersonic legend. He had to leave after game 1 to milk the cows, so I solo queued my final 2 games of the video, but it's all gucci tho, it's whatava xD. No biggie, Vibes are ight :/
    The goal of this series is to help you guys get better at Rocket League by explaining as much of my thought process as I can to give you guys some insight into how I approach 2v2's, and why I made certain decisions or why certain mistakes happened. Hopefully you can then try to apply some of that information from a supersonic legend ranked player to your own game and improve at Rocket League. Enjoy!
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    1. Nasser Alromaihi

      My goat do u even blink

    2. lil watchy

      is it just me or is it musty kinda sounds like ninja

    3. Levi Henry

      Yo I need tips im friend you

    4. Rorza169

      I like how they all say touch not hit.

    5. Brainless Uploader

      What engine is musty using?

    6. Kit Selley

      GG Musty, GOAT



    8. KB Gaming

      I always thought you played like a champ 2... jk sry. I know you can't go RLCS mode but u deserve Super Sonic Legend, (coming from a gold).

    9. xd_emil_

      How do u see ur own mmr

    10. dancing triangle

      7:54 what are you a dragon lol

    11. Huxley Rock

      First time I heard musty cuss at the beginning

    12. Nathan Orr

      Your skills have improved so much, and you were insane before

    13. Dalton Powell

      What did he say??🤣 9:54

    14. Eh Mercee

      I stop watching him for 1 year wtf he became so good

    15. FoRm 心臓病

      i will bless your family

    16. Lollo Gaming

      I came back since a long time and he now Is at 2,5milions subs, when i Remember him be 250k, wow.

    17. Peep

      Musty: me and lethamyr begin to grind 2s Literally 1 game later: ok lethamyr had to go

    18. BamaEnthusiast

      Can we get coms in the next vid.👍

    19. Juraina Razali

      road to 2.5 mil subs

    20. Jeepers Scoob

      Why switching between ball cam and car cam at every kick-off ?

    21. Intel Clan

      Leth got roasted on the thumbnail doe

    22. Andres Torees

      Can you coach me cause my friend made a lose at lot and i need to go back to platinum

    23. BH cyber

      I love how nobody noticed around 19:15 he said he was up by three goals but the score was 4 to 2 tell how did nobody notice

      1. Nathan Beaudoin

        I did and was looking for that exact comment hahaha

    24. vNickers

      Since the season 3 update i sometimes cant forward flip it is really wierd

    25. Stuart Brown

      Musty im such a big fan of you and you my favourite youtuber im a diamond 3 in all of my ranks

    26. I talk gaming

      You the goat musty

    27. Mastiff

      yo musty maybe you should use a controller overlay so people see what buttons you are pressing

    28. Anime king

      I like how this man calculates every single little detail in rocket league

    29. NG Astral

      Yo. Um. 2 years ago I got banned from ur server on discord for being the age of 11 and and I'm 13 now so how do I get back in

    30. CEG Chicken

      17:40 brought in is inner garrettg

    31. jariel barahona

      why cant i join mustys server on discord .... ?

    32. Turf

      I dont know why but the "Hey Gamer" at the start just hits too hard.

    33. Shocked Cereal

      The b *OO* st

    34. Cooper McmIllin

      3 goals up? 2 19:25

      1. Cooper McmIllin

        Oops I meant 19:17

    35. BGNinja08


    36. ciarra vargas

      Great viedo musty keep up the work

    37. AFCStrike

      Its just crazy to me how big the differece between a good player and a deacent player is

    38. Qlaspi


    39. XL Singletary


    40. Ivan gamer

      I played with Echo? but he wus not on my team

    41. Susan Quadri

      I love mustys content its so good if you can musty please add me my user is joshpishwash

    42. Nathan Hanks

      Did anyone realize that musty played with and versus Ayyden if you did like the comment

    43. Tadhg O Leary

      Musty ur the one that made me grind rl I was bronze 2 before and now I am champ 3!!! Thank u

    44. Luke Dooley

      Musty y dont u use coms with leth. Like it would be so much better even if we dont know what ur thinking plz lol

    45. Cameron G

      Hey Musty video idea I hope you see this, I'm commenting this on all you guys videos. Mod where you can only save a shot if you hit it back harder than what it was going



    47. the mav 23

      Can u do a video with tips to improve

    48. ItzSpookyWarrior

      I use Ur code musty USE CODE MUSTY

    49. ItzSpookyWarrior

      I use Ur code musty USE CODE MUSTY

    50. Mirna Al Turk

      I am a faan

    51. Seb Pilon

      how do you get a fennec? Im fairly new and want to try it on xbox

    52. aisha osama

      i got banned from your server

    53. maestro

      musty: "Establishing my dominance" - gets demoed

    54. TBK Playz

      Join cameo

    55. TBK Playz

      Musty Plzzzzzzz join cameo

    56. Dani Rodriguez

      *Me after watching second match* : Now that´s a high level game *Musty* : 14:49

    57. Devin Kain

      Why aren’t they ever talking to each other

    58. BH

      I watched the 0 second shot on lethamyr's version already and it still had me surprised lol 😲

    59. lozivies

      Day 6 of asking musty if I can be in a video

    60. Ali Rida Najem

      Musty I am a big fan of you but Im bronze but you can say that I have skills of a guy peaking at gold and I really need coaching and I cant spend a cent bcuz my parents say that I cant but I could use coaching plz

      1. randomperson76

        1v1 me kid. I bet you ain't even as good as a silver

      2. randomperson76


    61. Evan Boskovski


    62. Duccio Pessuti


    63. vRefreshz

      Can play with you pls

    64. Λεωνιδας Αγαθακης

      I double touch at platinum i was really happy keep up with videos musty i love you

    65. Gaser Najak

      fun fuct:musty is playing rocket league

    66. Jim Payne

      Got my 1st musty flick ingame yesterday!

    67. madfendervast

      Musty I wanna thank you for helping me when I had a hard time you always make me happy I hope you see this comment because I’m really thankful that you helped make me happy thanks

    68. Tyx3r

      Musty I wanna thank you for making me happy everytime you make a video when I was having a hard time you always helpt me stay strong I hope you see this because I’m really thankful for helping me

    69. jojo mark

      y you say gg in team chat?

    70. Fresh Prince

      I'm seeing a lot of people online with a NRG clan tag in gold, plat & diamond... Can someone explain that to me how they got that clan tag without being in NRG and without that skill?

    71. SVK

      that a good vid but can u play with pulse sam?

    72. Cameron Harper

      I think it would be good if you did seven Platz and one secret SSL

    73. Armani Goldwire

      im ajcraked

    74. Eric Aranda

      How do I get in discord? Musty?

    75. othman on yt

      i haven’t watched musty in two months how the hell did he get so much better

    76. gunpointer338

      We got a nice win the other day

    77. Aspect Daimon

      ᵒⁿˡʸ ˡᵉᵍᵉⁿᵈˢ ᶜᵃⁿ ʳᵉᵃᵈ ᵗʰᶦˢ

      1. randomperson76

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    78. Xonorius

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    80. Ethan Ashadu

      damn this guy is insane

    81. Rayan

      Never clicked off a Lethamyr Video so fast

    82. roland hummel

      game is the greatest scam of all time !80%of the time you play against opponest who are far too strong and whoo now appear as irrelevant! :-)

    83. Bradlee Sanders

      Anyone wanna run some duos together?

    84. Essa Jinbaz

      By the way love the content

    85. Essa Jinbaz

      Hi every one am actually gold 1 and I know how to do double taps

    86. 200k subs with no vids

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    91. Dr Jaii

      Ngl... ya kinda struggling a bit tooooooooooo much this video? 😅 but gg’s though my brother big fan ❤️😁🤙🏾

    92. Ethan Flores

      Hey musty can you do a vid where players think they should be in a higher rank than what they’re in because I think I should be in platinum bit I’m in gold

    93. Ernesto Da MaGo

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    99. 60FpsWill

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    100. Hagen Taylor

      Haha up 3 goals? Count again.