Last to stop freestyling wins $1,000: Finding the best freestyler in Rocket League


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    In the video, I challenge 5 of the best Rocket League freestylers to complete difficult shots in order to move onto the next round. If they mess up, they're out, and the last to stop freestyling wins $1,000. Hope you enjoy the video!
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    1. YouOnRocketLeague

      OSM got the reset all 4 of his wheels connected with the ball

    2. Kristy Smitten

      Congratulations jakze you are insane!!!!!!!!!

    3. Mr. ReFlex Gessner

      Everyone else: octane, domunis. Osm: FORTNITE FOFNITE YA WE GONNA GET IT ALL NIGHT

    4. xSQZY

      Bro osm got the flip

    5. r’

      Nytro faith be like; *clicking intensifies*

    6. r’

      Maktuf barely hit the ball for the flip reset lol

    7. Jaydog694 Dux

      I’m sorry I can’t because I live in wales so some of the ingredients are not allowed in this country

    8. ERT Daven Gaming


    9. Benjamin gaming

      Do Horse with Splash

    10. xD Monster

      basically every freestyler: controller is insane Nytro Faith: keyboard go brrr

    11. Memes of 2021

      What about freestyle is that mom approved like ur sponsor

    12. Memes of 2021

      Did you notice how every clip when musty said the names and showed clip 4/5 were in game osm’s was in free play XD

    13. Yassin Raafat

      what boost is jakse using

    14. TAXiFiye

      maktafs gonna win

    15. statichood Johnson

      musty: for the easy shot airdribbles silvers UHMM HOW IS THAT EASY ARE U DUMB? ssl's: *u think its hard because u CaNt tOuCh tHe bAlL*

    16. Kerryn Knowles

      35$ for G fuel heck no

    17. Sander Sinisalu

      for real how did OSM eliminated he did the flip reset and if he didnt then this is rocket league fault

    18. Gustav Legusto

      I commented this at 3:00 lol

    19. Anonymous lol

      The pancake is in the microwave

    20. SNM Bullet

      u never said no bounces for the pancake reset

    21. ERT Plasma

      keyboard go click-clack

    22. Poepaapje 045

      Part 2 with 10 freestylers not 5

    23. Laurie an leo ORTIZ

      If u did helkovic he would win

    24. Minecraft noob

      naskia heeheeheee

    25. Christine Cheetham

      Do a vid about leth Vs you in content

    26. Stealth709

      this was posted on my bday

    27. Original


    28. Kenan Kalender


      1. Kenan Kalender


    29. pocket clan


    30. Xl COLD lX

      They’re messing up because of the anxiety bro I mean I would to😂

    31. Sebastian Haugen

      Wait.. did OSM not do the ceiling shot?

    32. Srinikhil Videos

      Who else likes the gfuel sponsorship part

    33. Kevin KHATER

      OSM didn’t do the ceiling shot

    34. Yeet Master

      its mom approved lmao

    35. Ameer darem

      Pluse Sam is better then you on rocket league 1v1 him

    36. Kaan Bozbay

      Nytro faith: i am more like a reset guy, not a double touch Me who cant even drible normaly on ground😐

    37. Luke Kwak


    38. Luke Kwak

      he got that

    39. Kai Evitt

      We're is henkovich

    40. Oliver Naul

      does anyone else feel like cryypto sounds like georgenotfound?

    41. Gamer4Life

      osm didnot go for cieling shot \

    42. Trey Kahrhoff

      youtube is getting real comfy with these two unskipable ads

    43. MZ

      Me: how did u miss faith im disappointed in u Also me: wheres the ball?

    44. Gytis Gytauskas

      Can kids even drink gfuel XD because if they can then i Def want some

    45. MZ

      I have a feeling musty is adopted

    46. Marc Seiler

      This video is mom aproved

    47. Konstantin Kaplan

      OSM did not do a celing shot tho

    48. Nicola Weir

      Hi musty

    49. LNG Downhill

      Put evample

    50. roland hummel

      he game is the greatest scam of all time !80%of the time you play against opponest who are far too strong and whoo now appear as irrelevant! :-)

    51. Blink FN

      Do it with more people

    52. tempsi

      where is pulse fire?

    53. Void xD

      9:02 that was glorious.

    54. ChishtieFN

      is it just me or are double touches more difficult than ceiling shots

    55. Brian Kyles

      I like how osm got a flip reset so musty said to go again bc he didnt flip during it

    56. PPISLIVE

      Bro where is pulse fire

    57. Brandon B

      Hey gamer

    58. BeTa_Weewand

      i snort gfuel instead of drinking

    59. FN CLXPS

      Crypto had a really nice redirect!

    60. Andrew Roberts

      So gfuel Makes me play good let my arm not randomly hurt while playing not itch every 5-10Seconds and make my hand not Ach

    61. Matthew Zig

      Its Aficol GFUEL Is Mom Aproved

    62. itz cheebz btw

      yo fort is better than rocket ;) heya bwo

    63. Amapestilo 303

      "mom approved"

    64. Rafael Sinisa

      I love how everyone did the musty flick instead of the breezie

      1. Bean rl

        Faith did brezzi 👍

    65. Tin Whistle Noob

      I like how they freestylers are crazy at flip resets but scared of double touches lol

    66. KARMA

      That music was intense when you introduced the players

    67. Bald Bandokay

      Love you content musty. Heillo frim thi UK

    68. Zenic is the alpha mann

      Waht is taht for music

    69. chillaq-

      2:14 oh so your mom is a gamer? Name every mom gamer

    70. Sweat Clan

      What about pulse fire

    71. rupert ingram

      insane shots.

    72. RedBlue Gamez

      11:30 don’t make me hungry!

    73. Danac_Danijel Š

      song on start of the video? when he said names of freestyler?

    74. YT_TAGSツ

      Did anyone else notice that OSM didn't ceiling shot?????

    75. Miliris Cruz rosado

      Can someone give me a account on ps4 that has og stuff and actane stuff

    76. ChewingGum

      See at the start when he introduced the players what was the music called 🙄

    77. Bogdan

      What about pulse fire???

    78. lucas rocking

      osm get in the first attempt get he a dlip reset

    79. MacoPaco3969 _


    80. Alex Krzeczkowski

      My guess is pulse maktuf

    81. The _GoldenOrb

      OSM not even doing a ceiling shot

    82. Rocket league Addict

      Wait didn’t jakze have to do a pancake flip reset

    83. Natasha Brotherston

      I’m not having a energy drink ever agen I hade monster and I through up

    84. David Huizer

      How dit osm skip dat

    85. Carlo Minerva

      Musty: like todays sponser Me: furiously attacks the right side of my phone.

      1. Wesley Wang

        imagine skipping a gfuel ad by musty

    86. Samuel Lacombe


    87. LT CRNCX

      O s m didn’t do the cling shot

    88. Beintie2

    89. Corpse

      OSM hit the flip reset the first try

    90. Richard Nagel

      I wa

    91. vxrus_dw

      Musty osm did the reset first try

    92. Logiq


    93. user1225

      I do play rocket league but I Hate coffee

    94. Harry Smith

      I wish my mum would let me buy g fuel

    95. Jan Wancerski

      I feel sorry for jzr for not being mentioned

    96. vecchi nicolo

      OSM be like: *brr*

    97. oElaf


    98. Fluxy Wuxy

      all the golds: aight lemme do these easy shots

    99. Grady Ross

      I can air dribble and I'm silver 3 d3

      1. Ch3tt0s_ Hot

        Nobody cares bro

    100. Matthew Tydeman

      His mum has sadly died of an overdose due to her addiction to gfuel may she rest in peace 😂

      1. LUFC DEMON

        Haha I like the joke lol