Last to stop aerialing wins $1,000 (Rocket League)


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    In today's video, I got 4 of Rocket League's most skilled content creators, and gave them different challenges to complete with the final one being, last to stop aerialing wins $1,000. If their car touches the ground or walls, they lose and the other person walks home with the money.
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    1. Musa

      Sunless > Everyone else

    2. Travis Brockman

      Are those dudes dumb or what bc musty had his S1 SSL tag on and still called him fake lmao

    3. lolxd kid

      mertzy : if u include sunless i’m sure i’ll beat him sunless: gets faster time mertzy: gets eliminated

    4. Echo DR4GN

      The people saying sunless and musty are fake prob feel real stupid after watching this vid

    5. Callum Scott

      I can do that

    6. Youssef Fouad El Tahan

      I am plat I am just watching this when u said all the plats in comments Will be like bro I can score these I am plat and I am like nope I can’t score this I am just like everybody

    7. peter porker

      Musty is fake when he sees this Please musty forgive me

    8. Menno Adams

      duh im silver 3 and i can this

      1. Crashy Lul

        silver 3s cant even aerial

    9. Anthony Apap

      lowkey did sunless dirty

    10. ben perchalski

      I thought everyone knew that if you wanted the same name you can't. Once a name is used no one else can use it right? Maybe im wrong though

    11. TwirlyBirds

      mertzy had so many excuses

    12. TMC Vids

      Is it just me or r the people that verse musty dumb because must doesnt use bakes mod for alpha boost so they should be able to see it making it obvious that it is him cause that stuff cost like 2 grand in real life so im so confused????

    13. Theis

      Even I can do this!

      1. SportsGuyForever

        Sure buddy

    14. Alivetuna

      musty gave thankovich more assists and passes then sunless

    15. Alivetuna

      I love how sunless gets fastest time when all of his opponents can beat him.

    16. Football BOI

      I feel soooo bad for Mertzy the Ariel stuff let him down

    17. Sh4dow On Controllerシ

      P.O.V u went to the comments to see the plats

    18. Malik Jasim

      Mertzy said he can get sunless when sunless is first LOL

    19. Cole McCartney


      1. hippl

        Brrm brrm I'm in me mums car

    20. Jello

      anyone have the training pack name

    21. Sajin yo Savage boi

      Mustys helping thanovic in the second round more than khan

    22. Lewis

      this video is kinda old but like anyways that 2v2 was so unfair if you're putting $1000 on the line you can't leave it up to 1. how musty plays each game (as they're bound to warmup while playing too**assuming they played in succesion**) 2. the opponents it really should have been something different and even then a 1v1 would be so much better

    23. Srifa

      bRo I cOuLd MaKe ThOsE ShOtS, aNd iM a GoLd😔😒😒😤😤

    24. Cade Bergen


    25. omar trevino

      R.I.P Mertzy

    26. soup

      wayton's sad

    27. Roblox warrior

      I was the one 1v1 youuu

    28. Jake Milmoe

      I love how you did not help sunless at all but you set everyone else up perfectly😂😂

    29. Kusi youtube

      Dude I’m plat 3 and but I guess I can see it’s hard so everyone who participated are good content creators 🤗🤗🤗

    30. saeedalqemzi alqemzi

      musty i want to chalenge you

    31. saeedalqemzi alqemzi

      hey sunless

    32. Michael Merritt, Jr.

      Me being plat: this are so easy🤭

    33. JJ

      They ain't aerial tho and I dont understand

      1. JJ


    34. Yoomy The God

      nice 😎

    35. Charley Hansen

      Miste: I Can already see the plats in the comment saying “i Can score this” Plats: What do u mean

    36. Daniel Cristache

      Musty I hate reading

    37. Aiden Chapman

      Musty:literally using s1 supersonic legend tag, is in Nrg, and playing well His fans: Fayke Musty

    38. ItzzTroyy ._.


    39. Nathan Van Der Woude

      Me beving plat and clapping them easy

      1. Venti Svge

        Shut up you definitely cant

    40. Tankiman

      poor Mertzy, feel bad for him.

    41. Patrycja Ulinska

      im plat but couldnt do this no jk

    42. Steven Rinehart

      When he said i can see the plats in the comments bruh i already tried it and im high plat-diamond its hard

    43. Guac Guy

      The “I’m in Narnia good luck” one tho

    44. ClogixAteToast

      what’s the code for the training pack

    45. Yung Aggrrx

      The thing is I’ve done this training pack in 4 mins and I’m plat 3 but I have very good mechanics

    46. PgEd1tz

      one time I got in a game with someone named ADustyCow

    47. Riley Sullivan

      U should try epic

    48. Puggetz

      I bet that dumbass calling them bad and fake feels really stupid rn lol

    49. NBA KEV

      Wow I’m plat and I struggle just as much or more to score this not gonna lie

    50. Silas Clausen

      Musty is the kind of guy to make emojis cool again

    51. Andrew Bowen

      Don’t worry misty I don’t like reading to

      1. Andrew Bowen

        I meant musty sorry

    52. Tyrone Chua

      I feel like sunless is the technoblade of rocket league

    53. Christian.


    54. terzi

      it’s sad to see the best rl utuber lose 2 round and the worst win

    55. zaher K

      Orange team:omg musty Sunless:hey im sunless Orange team:? Who cares

    56. Sir. Citrus Boi

      Audible.. mentions book, viewers/ wait whaaaat

    57. Sir. Citrus Boi

      This is best video eve- looks at meme video...

    58. R3aper TJ

      Why can I do better and I’m plat on the first one?

    59. Owen Dexter

      The didnt pass to sunless lmao

    60. Håkon Emilian Nilsen YT

      Map code

    61. Jan Murray

      The grubby gruesome ant unprecedentedly stop because certification antenatally wrestle past a deeply spandex. childlike, elfin wasp

    62. Spyte

      So anticlimactic

    63. maham

      Not 3 2

    64. Fear

      Meanwhile I was just watching and after the video I get up and my foot is dead

    65. Moaiad Best

      sunless should playing beside goal that how he win he can bump and score beside the goal lol

    66. Moaiad Best

      1 first one so ez and 2 i can get 10 thousand points or less

    67. Moaiad Best

      sunless try hard more love ur vids but sorry love musty more

    68. doggyboi

      Why does no one look at musty’s title

    69. hannes Revenäs

      Im a plats and I can hit tis shots

    70. William Ornstein

      The video starts at 1:37 but if you want to watch the sponsor don’t skip

    71. Christopher Ferolito

      when sunless got knocked out musty stole all of his goals so it was not fair. the other guys musty left the ball for them to score

    72. JayX11

      sunless was at a disadvantage and musty was making less of an effort to get assist than he was with other players

    73. Brandon NSK

      I got a misty cow

      1. Brandon NSK


    74. sub plz


    75. Lucas Nagle

      I am ssl and I can hit thoes

    76. Bikalpa Khanal


    77. Eduardo Franco

      i can beat all of you

    78. Ichiraku Ramen

      So he has 2 mil subs and only 1 mil views?????? And it’s from a month a go

    79. Emil Magdy Salib

      How do you Get your skin?

    80. Ashraf Hussein


    81. Zachary Jones

      As a Plat 1, I was literally thinking "I can hit these" and then musty said it 😭

    82. Phoenix

      imagine those players who called them fake watch this video

    83. Korey Griffith

      God bless you all

    84. Diego Rivero

      I am sorry musty but a youtuber all ready this this

    85. Literally had to watch 14 minutes before the aerial part

    86. Najaaraq. W Johansen


    87. Lou Delgado

      Am I a normal rocket league player? I'm in silver 2 and I can do a ceiling shuffle

    88. Lynn Powers

      The quizzical sideboard posteriorly vanish because chain chiefly wreck outside a fabulous talk. scarce, awake deer

    89. I-sniffed-your-hair

      People do realize that no 2 people have the same name

    90. Christian Sanford

      10:50 "Bamm I'm narnia good luck" 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣


      Bro im a plat and i can hit that

      1. Hmm

        then why is he gc and you are plat

    92. bincster

      I love how mertzy just uses a Triton as car

    93. Strange red dot

      T8s in diamond 💎 gives up Me ugh dis rank suks

    94. ǟɖʀɨǟռ

      Bro i swear right when u said "plats saying i can make these shots " i was thinking about that

    95. KingyThingy

      Wins 1,000 ohh

    96. KingyThingy

      Ahh I’m in narnia gl 😂

    97. Death Angel


    98. Aiden Fung

      “Wait I can’t see... oh” Love that

    99. Dog Boy

      I used the first training pack I’m silver and I can do most of them😩

    100. Sage Slays

      The kids calling musty and sunless fake: when the watch the video OMG SUCH BIG FAN” I WAS JOKING” everyone:🧢🧢🧢🧢🧢🧢🧢🧢🧢🧢🧢🧢🧢🧢🧢🧢🧢🧢🧢