I replaced Garrettg on NRG & here's what happened... | 3’s Until I Lose Ep. 14 | Rocket League


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    In the video I play 3's until i lose, but I replace @GarrettG on the NRG pro Rocket League roster so I ended up playing with @JSTN and @SquishyMuffinz for the night. The goal of this series is to help you guys get better at Rocket League by explaining as much of my thought process as I can to give you guys some insight into how I approach 3v3's, and why I made certain decisions or why certain mistakes happened. Hopefully you can then try to apply some of that information from a supersonic legend ranked player your own game and improve at Rocket League. Enjoy!
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    1. Mateo Fernandez

      I just subscribed to you must be your NLname channels awesome

    2. Shivaji Saste

      6:08 Whoo what was that voice 😂

    3. less than bread

      Why would you forfeit playing against pros? I’d be loving every second of it while getting absolutely manhandled

    4. James Glover

      just... wow

    5. Appiah Kufuor

      why are u laughing hahahehehahha

    6. Carson Peppers

      Justin: quadruple flip reset, double tap, into a musty flick. Musty:*bumps a kid* Musty: OMG im the smartest player!!!!

    7. DBS- AMV's


    8. sayran zebary


    9. sayran zebary

      Hey gamer never gets olf

    10. Simran Singh

      How does this video have 1397000 exactly

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      mustiv er du stiv eller dum?

      1. Claps Jensen

        jeg tror han er en fed fuld frikadelle

      2. Flemming Jensen

        han er et aqouium

    12. Claps Jensen

      du spiller jo nærmest som min hund ville spille hvis den spillede rocket keague

      1. Flemming Jensen

        så er din hund godt nok skrald

    13. Claps Jensen

      OMG you so sej and your aerieal are so much better then mine (host host) kæft du skrald 7

      1. Flemming Jensen

        lol er du stiv eller dum

    14. Kelly Slattery

      # FaZe Musty

    15. Mohammedzayd Valimulla

      Musty: I’m literally the cleverest player ever. 2 mins later : misses an ez chance to score 😂😂😂

    16. Asger Bonvin

      7:54 face cam

    17. Quitty Mota

      Next video getting carri- I mean replacing squishy for nrg

    18. CoolDude349

      The music is so relaxing

    19. SG Genos

      Why didn´t you talked with them in discord

    20. Danw Diss

      One of the most annoying laughs ahha

    21. Ghaleb

      Musty: it’s paRT OF tHE plAn Musty:doesn’t know the plan. Lmao

    22. Neal Honsel

      Jstn is cracked at Rocket League my guy

    23. Lil Viscy Montagna

      Musty’s eyes: Justin takes my shot but it’s because he’s so good and he doesn’t miss Reality: Justin takes it because he selfish and not a good teamate

    24. Gianluca Cuscuna

      Musty : kind laggy, checks ping 25 ping

    25. vxper on top top.

      my friend justin. here his not taken and es crack at rocket league my guy

    26. - hxrry -

      I’ve just realised that you can’t really notice the cuts in these kinds of videos unless you try

    27. B&TYT

      I love how he says he's the smartest person ever and then doesn't enter "I'm 200" in chat

    28. Stephanie Luedecking

      game 5

    29. Cylecaidyn Michael

      While I was watching I was drinking milk lol

    30. Efi Defjr


    31. Diego Santos

      Justin's not ur friend ur just a object in his bag

    32. Vincent Sceglio

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    33. Cam Wilson

      I thrive under pressure Musty on most open nets

    34. BG Tjoo9 pls sub

      Musty:bumps player near net. Also musty:I'm 200iq

    35. Prime SD

      whats the intro song

    36. CirQx

      11:38 you hear a boi if you don’t-

    37. Luke Floyd

      To be on the same court as them I would simply forget the controls

    38. Exotic Boss

      Can you coach me i try to learn airdribbels

    39. Julian_That _Guy

      Musty: hits y button on kick off Y button: It’s my time to shine 😎😎😎😎😎

    40. Nathan Adams

      Musty: I'm kinda laggy Also musty 25 ping

    41. Host1le_シ

      why you always say hey gamer it get annoying

    42. The Opposite

      why are you gc not ssl

    43. muftininja

      i like how he is playing sweaty games but still having fun...like 2:06

    44. MrRCA Gaming

      MUSTY: they are insane.. like they can do better stuff than me and I am... pretty good🤓

    45. Aviad Rozenberg

      The goal exploshen is black marcet?

    46. saoud saoud

      You know you can go to jail for that shit right ?

    47. Μαριος Διονυσοπουλος


    48. Mohamed Akil Nseer

      The guy predicted the future

    49. bigmak093

      And look at him now, he’s a sub for the best team NA. Amazing to watch this progress

    50. Helen Stacey

      The dazzling beast electrophysiologically reject because save roughly trust beside a quickest pediatrician. smoggy, tenuous piccolo

    51. Luuk Zandink

      6:08 my friend your justin?

    52. H C

      Am I the only one questioning why no one is talking?

      1. Freq’s Son

        @H C They’re not in comms together

      2. H C

        Other than musty

    53. wolf ox

      My friend here justin he is taken and hes cracked at rocket league my guy ahhhhhhh

    54. epic gamer

      6:09 who’s that??

    55. Mason Kershaw

      dude i watch u every day ur my inspiration

    56. footballfan4lifeShay

      Game 4 Was that a merc

    57. Rogue Master

      LMao 3:12 the whole enemy team lookin like a school of fish

    58. Xela

      Why is musty soo insecure about his ears?

    59. alan

      next i replaced jstn on nrg

    60. Moira Fahey

      Am I the only one who loves the theme tune/music in the intro

      1. Moira Fahey

        By the way

      2. Moira Fahey

        Bye keep up the good work musty

    61. George Mills

      Musty: Touches Ball... Also Musty: My Purpose Has Been For-filled.

    62. IA - 06TT 782997 McCrimmon MS

      Musty: make sure we secure the goal Mustys true intent: goal steal go brrr

    63. The Fake Lucky Dude

      what is the song at 0:18 i dont know

    64. Jennifer Tran

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    65. zohebkhan11

      u inspired me to play

    66. Harry Dunbar

      Love your content

    67. crvcked

      Musty doesn’t say gg 👁👄👁

    68. Makhi Beeks

      anybody notice that jtsn's banner changed 12:36

    69. xLight_YT

      wait are you apart of their clan now or

    70. B A Hunter

      Why is he no talking with them

    71. Roisin Magee


    72. MattGotBlox

      justin is CRaCkeD my GUy ... UHHHH

    73. Gabriel Pimenta dos Santos

      Sempre assisto da perspectiva do Squishy e já percebia que o Musty não conseguia acompanhar, mas ver desta perspectiva é outra coisa. O Squishy e o Justin são alienígenas e ainda é mais impressionante ver eles jogando em terceira pessoa.

    74. Ryan Anawati

      jUsTiN, aNd He’S CRACKED aT rOcKeT lEaGuE

    75. Mats

      man replaced every nrg player. He must(y) be kreizy OP

    76. Josiah Sklarsky

      *its all part of the plan* me losing 7-0 with 4 min left in my silver 2 1's games

    77. Josiah Sklarsky

      musty looks like a boosted ssl compared to jstn and squishy

    78. Caleb A. Garcia

      Musty is like a kid in a candy store in this vid bro

    79. Zack Harden O Connor

      Musty on 25 ping: “kind of laggy a little bit” Me on 100 ping: “I should be fine”

      1. Brennan1

        Me on 125 ping “im good”

      2. Blitz_Eli yo

        @Zack Harden O Connor nice

      3. Zack Harden O Connor

        @Blitz_Eli yo not all the time but a fair bit. I usually get around 35

      4. Blitz_Eli yo

        lol u get 100 wow i get 30

    80. Kim Hurley

      Is it just me or can you guys not hear the other people talking

    81. Firevarnelo

      6:09 ????

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      Next video I Replaced Jstn On NRG

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      How come the vids of these people playing never have comms

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      Game 6. Also text in the screen: GAME 5 *EDIT: Game 7: but GAME 6

    86. Kieran Owings

      I should become a rlcs coach

    87. Mohamed Salah GoalsJustKeepOnComin

      He sounds like someone else when he laughs like that

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      Musty can you 1v1

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      Try playing with Chicago

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      i good

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      anyone know jstns rainbow decal?

    92. The Gaming Kid aka Cam


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      Musty can you play with me my user name is Jack4716

    95. Your

    96. My Freind is tour cousine

    97. Korbin Dykins

      Guess this means squishy is the reason they didn’t win EVERY game

    98. Cxrsed

      7:29 Bro whats that RGB decal. I need it


        It just means a lot to me


        I'm so sorry if that hurt your feelings


        It's the chicken nugget one

    99. Murray Cameron

      Hiw do you do a half flip 😂

    100. Ignoti Plays

      Musty: Justin is built different. Me: So your replacing him next right? RIGHT?