I ran into a FAMOUS YouTuber in ranked & you won't guess what happened | SSL 1v1 Ep. 33


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    In today's Rocket League video, I record episode 33 of Supersonic Legend ranked 1v1's. We end up running into a pro player and a famous youtuber that I know and we end up doing a very different type of 1v1 than normal. The goal of this series is to help you guys improve in Rocket League by explaining as much of my thought process as I can and why I made certain decisions or why certain mistakes happened. Hopefully you can apply some of that information from a supersonic legend 1v1 player to your own game and rank up. Enjoy!
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    1. MOF TITAN

      Musty’s comms are 👌👌👌

    2. Ibe strynck

      Musty is actually good

    3. NGR Sweet

      dogwater shotxD

    4. Lodi

      'famous' BRUH MUSTY your like 10 times more famous as him -_-

    5. Charlie Blocker


    6. Plimex 2

      i love how he can adjacent to you and scratch your paints together and epic thinks that should be a demo. but when u drive ssp head on into someone driving slower. you get demo'd and they don't. makes sense

    7. Chance Decoteau

      mectos on 0 ping. :|

    8. kai jai

      Musty 10 ping its to Hard to play me 500 ping finaly normal ping

    9. Mihai Bogdan

      bro buy a ps4 controlerr i play for 3 years and it doesn t break

    10. Isak Lund

      why do ssl not talk at all

    11. Justin Morin

      i think the person that you know is... mabye sunless?

    12. Ian Garcia : /

      Musty encouraging himself , “Come on, Come on mUsTeReD... Noice” 11:48

    13. Ibladin _

      Nice play mustered

    14. nightmare avacado

      Nice to the only player i watch in rocket legue😂❤️

    15. gillian Murphy

      Controler really?

    16. omar trevino

      bronze kickoff 2:27

    17. Jose Aguilar

      No one musty wins against a pro loses against someone who’s not a pro

    18. mr Jay

      musty flick in a nutshell: OK guys here we go: askess denied

    19. Pigeon

      i love you musty

      1. Pigeon


    20. Diego Martin Guccione Núñez


    21. Kathrin Bjørnstad

      Nice shot

    22. Deion Green

      cmon mustard

    23. Paula Goodson

      Musty add me Emp kingkyan

    24. Michael Pulla Murillo

      He makes it look easy

    25. Yoan Cyrenne

      Only SSl can Say : oh yeah i played a lot against this Guy he's very mechanical 😅

    26. Quix

      “Welcome to some ssl 1v1s were I will be playing ssl in ranked 1v1s” 10 people died yesterday due to a fire, sources say all 10 people died from the fire because it was too hot for their bodies

    27. STRIPED_Bass

      4:45 BRILLIANT

    28. Closed on Sundays

      Y dies musty sound like the type of dude to go “so free, literally dog water” 😂

    29. Trystan Rogers

      what happened to the fennec give away?

    30. SavageheartPlayz

      Says "Famous NLnamer" in the title *Realizes he is the most famous RL youtuber*

    31. SavageheartPlayz

      "Hey gamer today im back with a new episode of SSL ranked 1v1s where im SSL and i play some ranked 1v1s" - Musty 2021

    32. Jerry Hochstetler

      Dude when musty says, “I’ll take a quick shot on net.” Then proceeds to completely put the ball to the corner. Then says, “that shot was dog water”. Dude had me dying

    33. Dylan Gilbert

      I subscribed to osm

    34. Andrew Barker

      Who else find it irritating when he started to type

    35. Axthny

      Freestyle against osm sheesh what a way to end the video

    36. Kim Lit

      I like chicken do you musty 🍗

    37. Jayden XD


    38. Casey Sheffield

      What boost does musty use

    39. Alec Tseng

      musty actually has a chance in showmatches now

    40. Pauline Wilson

      He beat sunless khan in the race to 1 mil

    41. Pauline Wilson

      Musty is the best

    42. Pauline Wilson

      10 0 him

    43. Pauline Wilson

      I know lol

    44. Pauline Wilson

      Big fan i am subscribed and liked so can you gift mustycar pls and my name is Xrocker3499 but can you gift me it in 5 houers pls if you do

    45. Pauline Wilson

      Hi musty

    46. Luis

      Can so trade kobaltblue zombas against a femnec?

    47. Olle Söder

      sheeeeeesh look at that bling

    48. Axel _clapz

      Musty- is ssl in every place

    49. Emiel Hendrickx

      i am a hater hello.

    50. DTOMMY

      "Let's go for the shot. Come on Mustard!!!" Musty-2021

    51. Alexygalaxy

      m ՏᑌᗷᗷIᑎᘜ TO EveryOᑎᗴ ᗯᕼO ᒪIKᗴ'Տ TᕼIՏ ᑕOᗰᗰᗴᑎT ᗩᑎᗪ ՏᑌᗷՏ TO ᗰᗴ ᗷᗩᑕK!!!

    52. Simon Luna


    53. Jackson Heiderman

      mertzy is beter

      1. razor kyoto

        that’s your opinion :)

    54. Preston Cruz

      at 1:37 idk why but everyone does this, like they flinch when they're about to hit the ball. nth wrong with it but idk i just find it interesting

    55. Alejandro Ayala Perez


    56. Alejandro Ayala Perez


    57. Eicob

      "Hey gamer" is such a good intro

    58. Kyubiii.

      Gg bro I was tybu haha

      1. Tybu


    59. Austin Campbell

      YT-KrazyAce on pc

    60. Zach Pape

      Why u talking to urself ur not good

    61. 100subscriberswithnovideos ?

      This is a joke: my gold games are SO FAST we score goals at less then one mph


      can somebody plz carry me to diamond or plat 3? i actually suck im plat 1

    63. Sven de Vries

      musty turned into moneyman

    64. NoOne OfImportance

      “Famous NLnamer” *literally the highest subbed RL channel*

    65. ese crack

      i like how he’s always talking to us like giving us comms 🙌🏽

    66. aythul

      His jawline though

    67. Ghostxfy

      your so good how did you get so good

    68. TheNotorious BigM

      Musty the goat 🐐🐃

    69. Aurana MarshallL

      Nice fresti

    70. ᴏɴᴄᴇ ʟᴏᴠᴇᴅ

      8:39 what sound track is this bro?

    71. Anna Civetta

      wow gol fly

    72. Auggie Anderson

      I love the freestyle 1v1

    73. GaMiNg FUN

      I like how mectos had a free goal on musty.But musty still beat him.That just proves.Musty is built diffrent🐐😎👍

    74. AlfaEdits

      Kinda wanna see musty do a road to ssl or road to gc1 ngl

    75. guitarrokz13910

      Idk if this is a recurrent theme in his videos but I like how when he does something good, it's a "good challenge on us" or a "good goal we scored" but when he makes a mistake it's a "bad challenge on my part". It's the opposite of the "my gains, our losses" meme

    76. meina46


    77. Tyler Poole

      I found a new half flip!

    78. Chase Brayton

      Is that Nevel from Harry Potter?

    79. Blake Ladnier

      Mustys microphone still confuses me to this day

    80. Dj4 Jim

      pls can you play h.o.r.s.e with splash

    81. Gaming Drink

      Me Reading the title:oh no no no no u are simply just looking in a mirror

    82. Goul Clan

      It titanium white air strike good 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

    83. Itz Klemz

      Vid idea u offer to edit a montage and make it the most trash edit ever with annoying noises when they score and that please like so musty see’s

    84. Taipan

      Only true OGs remember musty minute

    85. Harrish Dash

      15:44 Relatable XDDD

    86. Krasy Kid

      Musty: “I actually played pretty good that game.” Me:”fam there’s still six seconds.” 5 seconds later “THIS IS ROCKET LEAGUE”


      musty weaaring a chain !! okay i see you

    88. OPSIO4

      Musty Bot!

    89. Yt spent

      My psn is spent-capital

    90. Dont Bless

      Do u live Indiana plz

    91. liq

      Hey musty where is your bluelight glases

    92. John Blitzen


    93. AlmarinGT5

      If he is the real Musty he will pin this.

    94. Nathan Melendez

      I just subbed

    95. NoHaxJustRekt

      10:05 0 3:33 3

    96. Jáchym Jelínek

      I recommend Valheim guys:)

    97. Bossbune

      musty: knowing everyone he played against me in plat 1: sausageupmypants69420

    98. Vozify .-.

      In your clan

    99. Vozify .-.

      Can I be a content crater

    100. Itsvikshere

      Musty went to Good to bad youtuber I miss the old musty :( I still watch u tho