I'm finally going pro in Rocket League...


2,7 mln. weergaven213

    Happy to announce that I'll be joining the pro NRG Rocket League team as a sub with @SquishyMuffinz, @GarrettG, and @JSTN being the starters
    In the main portion of the video, I do a two different 2v2 tournaments: 1 with @GarrettG and 1 with @Sizz. Whoever I can get more goals with by the end of the tournament will be crowned champion!
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    0:00 - announcement video
    3:03 - how it all happened
    6:42 - garrett tourney
    14:20 - sizz tourney
    Production Music by www.epidemicsound.com
    #amustycow #RocketLeague
    Edited by kdence. thekdence

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      Sizz laugh was so funny man. That's why I watch this vid like 10 times.

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      Hay gamer you said hay gamer like 15 times

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      0:55 he looks so sad makes me cry😭😭😭

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      You that montage was suck and also congrats man

      1. Vxvri

        I meant sick

    7. A Random Corgi

      12:50 exactly, the shame always drags you down a infinitely long hallway. Not just musty, every. single. one. of. you

    8. Adam Bushell

      i’ve watched this 3 times and jus me that feels like a proud dad even tho i’m 17?

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      That was a dope ass intro 🚫🧢

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      He just has a. Good gaming chair

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      plz musty join season plz

    24. Jodi L.

      musty please pin this so everyone can see it SHOUTOUT TO ALL YALL IN THE SQUAD AT THE BOTTOM OF THE LEADERBOARD!! YOU PLAYED THE BEST!! and, hey gamer

    25. Arkin Louis Maglaqui

      guy kaboom i think hes my friend cause i have i guy on my friends list so if he is then hi?

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    28. Jimcuchim

      Imma be honest, with how Musty has always been, I seriouly thought this was satire

    29. Stephanie Coleman

      I feel like you were already pro

    30. Jenny Blagg

      16:02 BEST EDIT EVER 😂😂😂😂😂

    31. Jorge Tapia

      Can you train me?or play with me?

    32. RedNeck Kajus

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    33. Eduards Vegers

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      16:00 i could not stop laughing 😂

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      Tim’s quote hit me hard.

      1. Jodi L.

        1:15 i love that speech so much because i can relate to it. SHOUTOUT TO ALL YALL IN THE SQUAD AT THE BOTTOM OF THE LEADERBOARD!! YOU PLAYED THE BEST!!

    47. Lightning

      u bested SunlessKhan forever now

    48. Action With Alan

      Can u 1v1 me my user is brickbabysix

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      I’m new to NLname and I saw you on my for you page and when I did I was like omghes my fav. But I just wanted to let you know keep up the amazing content

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      Who remembers when musty sucked?

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