I freestyled with every car in Rocket League: Which car is the best?


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    I tried freestyling with every car in Rocket League to see which one I could hit the best shot with!
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    Teammates in the video: @Fusure, @Pulse MK., @Pulse Temple, & @Cryypto
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    1. Pixn

      Musty: *touches the ball* Everyone in the call: OOOUUUUHHHH

      1. GXRLA Prod.

        @Marwan Al khatib ikr

      2. GXRLA Prod.

        @Marwan Al khatib thx

      3. Marwan Al khatib

        @Yung Moy the profit is Mohammad sula الله alehim wa salam

      4. Marwan Al khatib

        @GXRLA Prod. that was epic musty flick

      5. Marwan Al khatib

        @GXRLA Prod. that was epic tho

    2. TuggyTheGammer 128

      You should 1v1 sunless and every time someone scores whoever is on the losing side gets a power up like rumble or infinite boost

    3. theun_yt

      Anyone notice that guy, how much of my soul i need to sell to be that good

    4. Egzon Avdija

      im pro in rocket league

    5. Glade Air-freshener


    6. Wh Eel

      11:09 I went down like a monkey on a trampoline WILL SMITH CONFUSED FACE INTENSIFYS

    7. Shashank Reddy N

      1:40 huh?

    8. Garrett Schaefer

      im watching back in 2021 and they keep saying sheeesh

    9. M1tr0.

      why u give dominus 8 dominus is 10 and octane is 9 wtf but u give 10 to shitest cars

    10. Jagger Mitchell

      sick clips man! u make my day.

    11. Eddy Calderon

      He said so close so many times.

    12. Jayden Prosser

      Drink milk

    13. NotGold

      Bro I was thinking the takumi would be terrible (for obvious reasons) then he hit probably the best shot I’ve ever seen

    14. Dillon Manalo

      eat as much icecream as possible

    15. MDT Golden

      2:49 Musty scored at 4:20 in overtime

    16. William Kaarle

      Cant you make a video when you Ground pinch with every car?

    17. PeepoSmoke

      3:56 einfach Stiftungwarentest LulW

    18. Zainy Ahmed


    19. Vladimir Popov

      I like the gameplay replays!

    20. valaront clips and funny gamplay

      yess the takumii wonn

    21. Batuhan Bayaz

      17:24 look At the chat omgggg

    22. Adrian ReidBar

      Do a double tap with every car

    23. Davey Sparkles

      why no scarab :-(

    24. StracGamer 1204

      The ball curved

    25. Tactical Mushroom IXx

      Takumi Gang

    26. Joseph Hawkins


    27. balamuhunthan sithamparapplai

      At 17:32 look at the chat. LOL

    28. RocketLeaguers2The-End

      also, if its possible it would be an honor to b able to be in a future video

    29. RocketLeaguers2The-End

      maybe do a new video about freestyling against every rank in rocket league or aerial battles

    30. Help me reach 10k By 2023

      At 4:50 he made the hole team rage quit

    31. GalaxyX

      Pulse musty?

    32. GalaxyX


    33. Gregory Outland


    34. Jack Rosenfeld

      17:26 look at the game chat lol

    35. Andrej Voros

      eat as much icecream as possible

    36. Jenny McLoughlin

      17:25 sus chat moment

    37. Esteban Casas


    38. Lightning Bolt

      Settings reveal?

    39. Noud Sassen

      nintendo or x box idk

    40. Cilva

      17:30 whats that chat tho

    41. Hunter Kazinci

      Were your most ugliest car for a whole video!!!

    42. the master 123

      Do hotspot plzz

    43. Goh Wenle

      Breezi flick with every car

    44. Elite Vex

      sapnu puas

      1. Elite Vex

        read it upside down

    45. Hector Alcantar

      17:25 look at chat 😳

    46. ttv wolfman

      Bro fusure is super underrated

    47. XxGreenGamer 1

      should I be unimpressed that he scored all of these on low rank players (casual game)

    48. turboo1x

      eat as much ice cream as you can

    49. nozie_rl


    50. SotSou

      counting these shots..? FR ? Thats why u are not gonna become a freestyler... lmao

    51. Illumi Zoldyck

      Jesus this brings me flashbacks when I played the wii and played the sport game and when you accidentally throw the bowling ball back and everyone goes ouuuuhhhh or ayyyeeee all I hear is ouhhhh

    52. I like trees

      Musty: uses octane the Entire Time Musty: he now thinks paladin is better to freestyle

    53. ShiftyRL

      car seggs with every car

    54. KaraDKoks

      omg so close the video

    55. khinui dorman

      I was just waiting for the scarab the whole time

    56. Frowzy RL

      Do a celing shot with every car


      Keep doing them please and thank u

    58. Leon SCHIEL

      I love those replays with the music

    59. DerpBoiii69 420

      Everytime musty hits the ball all you here is OOOOOOOO

    60. Gustav Hjelm Hagberg

      The chat 17:31

    61. NaZy Fox

      Ratings were bs. Skyline was way better than battle bus and fennec bruv

    62. Chewwy

      this whole vid is just oOOOOooooOOOooo and aAahhhhahhhhahhHAHHHHhhhhHHAHHHH

    63. MinecraftMITE


    64. TC Garysson

      its official: musty has to many lime cars

    65. João Gabriel Favero

      This commentary is so interesting

    66. Ryan Baker

      I love mustys vids

    67. henry nickels


    68. henry nickels

      Nice pinch with the venom that was perfect!

    69. Ryan Baker

      Mustys favorite word " aw so close," " I mean does it count", and " wow"

    70. Lamb2090

      Donimus is my sico mode and btw I play like a plat but I’m a gold or silve idk

    71. rhiannon meaden

      u r a bot 1v1 me u i will get 10 - 0

    72. Vj P

      If you say I love merc why do you still use the octane

    73. Jorn Van geffen

      Must you should do epicsave with every car Was a idea from camaron arch

    74. Kodie Alexander

      its es un gran

    75. Dark

      How does this man have a lime version of almost every car

    76. FaZe Flix

      I would say that the 2nd last one was the freestyle car

    77. Alvaro Leite Borba Da Costa

      The fudge top right corner quick chat 17:24

    78. xeno


    79. Jayden Pierre

      Is it just me or musty should go pro

    80. hateflow

      POV every shot has a OhhoHhOO

    81. hateflow

      You should touch the ball with every car

    82. Oliver Adams

      My favorite part was at 6:48 when one of his teammates saw him do the pancake and he said,"yayyyyyyy"

    83. BH Crxnchy !

      A wise man once said “ hey gamer”

    84. Deku Izuku midoriya

      express vpn on only iphone android and windos when are they gonna make it so i can watch netflix on my toaster uhg

    85. Diego Rojas

      next vid:Eat mayonnaise

    86. SpiderBrayYT


    87. Alex Kowalyk

      How did the skyline only get eight points

      1. Alex Kowalyk

        .............""".........'?.....??? . .......

    88. Johnny Boi

      Musty: I am scoring Me: Bruh

    89. Stefan Schueller

      Ash pinch

    90. Mohammed Dhia Jendeli

      Dominous I think supposed to be in top 5, almost every freestyler uses the Dom

    91. Krishna Mandalia


      1. Krishna Mandalia


    92. CombatWombat

      its about what you prefer like a lot of freestylers use dominus and i did too but now i use breakout

    93. Rachel Dewan

      Can you do one with the Dominus

    94. Speddy

      2:18 what is this car?

    95. Shaymin

      we all know its the road hog xl

    96. Exotic Boss

      Next up: PULSE MUSTY

    97. Anna Buescher

      Do a pinch side double backflip from the top make it draw up and scoring a goal

    98. Shadow plays Minecraft

      They should have 3 of the best members from pulse clan try to vs nrg or ssg or just some rlcs team

    99. Kxgreen 235

      You should do a breezi flick with every car!

    100. Caleb Cohen

      Musty the best car you freestyled with is the takumi