I found a secret tactic to make supersonic legends RAGE in Rocket League | 2’s Until I Lose Ep. 23


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    Today we play some 2v2 with Wondamike! We ended up playing decent, and in game 2, I used a tactic that makes some supersonic legends rage after you score a goal on them. I did it by accident at first, but turns out it's a good way to get in your opponents head. The goal of this series is to help you guys get better at Rocket League by explaining as much of my thought process as I can to give you guys some insight into how I approach 2v2's, and why I made certain decisions or why certain mistakes happened. Hopefully you can then try to apply some of that information from a supersonic legend ranked player to your own game and improve at Rocket League. Enjoy!
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    1. amustycow

      pov: you haven't watched the whole video yet

      1. EEA Scoots

        @Leo Martin same

      2. Carlos_685

        I did

      3. sheacutiy

        POV i did

      4. Lachlan Clayton

        HAHAH lol that was only true on the 2s till i lose

      5. Lennox lx plays


    2. D Zano

      My face when sweats say they’re bronze and trash at the game

    3. Dirty Potato

      2:00 cover NUT ?!?!?

    4. Austin Biondi

      I think you should make a challenge video playing without ball cam

    5. TR3Y On YouTube

      I thought you were talking

    6. Carlos_685

      Bronze one more like gone wrong

    7. sheacutiy

      rip ftmhere mmr

    8. Venar 5912

      "skip, SKIP , dude skip" ... the fuck are you? :D Shut up and let me watch my replay as long as i want :D They are all muted anyways because the chat is off so :D keep crying then :D

    9. YTweary

      How do you get Green on your sticker nrg

      1. mihai1710

        he has a painted octane which is lime

    10. wet_ umbrella_

      Waittt a sec, u played FTMHere a couple games in a row🤔🤨

    11. Ira Safira

      Stop saying u fake u just miss wtf

    12. unknown.

      imma be honest, you deserve diamond.

    13. unknown.

      i really hate when you say boost. i dont know why but i hate how you say it

    14. Hoohooloo

      13:33 tf?

    15. Swerveey

      The way musty pronounces wondamike makes his name sound like a Hollywood couple like brangelina lol. Wanda and Mike the power couple.

    16. Omar Gamer

      Btw when you asked did you bump you wrote that in party chat

    17. Thomas. exe

      Musty was highkey getting carried lol

    18. Seth Norton

      Musty: wondamic is obviously top 100 in doubles

    19. Vince Giordano

      The end almost made me throw up

    20. phoenixworld901 Gaming

      Low key I actually went back to see Musty Drop his water LOL 😂

    21. ProseArtist

      Yo the server bro server lag made me smile

    22. ITZM3 PLAYZ

      Me: A gold thinking I deserve gold 3 Also me: Playing way too much rumble and hockey 🏒

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      9 ads dang

    24. Gaming4gamers

      When musty talks it looks looks like his mouth doesn’t move lol

    25. Rejectz

      Your playing like a plat/diamond the whole time

    26. Tych Michaluk

      Musty you are the best youtuber that i know !!! :) :) :)

    27. Reygun

      I'm struggling in plat and every time I watch musty it just gives me the confidence to play again

    28. injimmy22

      Hey gamer

    29. That hive Guy

      Hi musty love your vids tysm for making videos have a nice day

    30. Erick Martinez

      "Im literally bronze 1" i cant even dribble the ball and im gold

    31. Redon Manaj

      If i can guess what rank are you i wold say gold devision 1 sorry if i hurt you

    32. Chrovy

      FTM: dude skip Musty: 100 IQ play

    33. okzm FN

      wondamike is actually a god he also played with squishy a couple rounds for his video

    34. TTV x Chilly

      Musty let's do a vid: you vs 1 D3, 1 Plat 2, and 1 Gold 3

    35. NG BMX

      4:30 "I'm literally the worst player ever," Bro, you're a Supersonic Legend! That's literally .05% of the player base!

    36. mrwillisucks

      SKIP lol

    37. zHATEDz

      He say she's smart tbh its just luck musty always wanma go for nice goals and doesmr even goal bcs hes too slow when he can easy just make the goal instead of trying to make a fancy shot so kids if u have a open goal score dont try to make a fancy shot 🤣 or u will be like this guy so many other youtubers call this kid a rooster bcs hes so cocky

    38. Cbsuckz

      You should add a controller to your layout so we can see what buttons your pressing as you play

    39. ismellcap

      Love the vids

    40. Sp3ctrum

      4:43 "im literally bronze 1" me, who is actually bronze 1: i want you to reconsider that

    41. Aleix Pascual

      say that you are a coach that triggers people

    42. RareTemptations

      U should start a handcam

    43. ugne ramanauskaite

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    44. Joakes21 JO

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    45. I bims Kevin

      You play with a NLnamer!

    46. christian vallejo

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      I saw someone today he was super sonic acrobat but he didt wanna play

    48. Jacky Kong

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    49. Leo

      I got matched against an SSL in one's... I'm diamond 2 (yeah I lost)


      It’s interesting how pros need a very least amount of boost to do crazy shots but when I play I need the full boost just to hit the ball in the air

    51. Benito

      wtf is that 13:35

    52. Gilbert Zepeda

      can you teach me how to air dribble plz cuz i suck im low plat

    53. Robbie Honeysett

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    55. Not squizzy

      33:27 my guy is using bakkes mod 😒

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    57. Bhinda Khabra


    58. Bhinda Khabra

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    59. Jamie Scott

      "I'm literally the worst player to play this game Me:Hold my g fuel

    60. Spam The Boy

      Me: A bronze 1 most of the time Musty: Im literally a bronze 1 Me: Im as good as musty... 3 games later uninstalls

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    66. Infernall

      I just realized if a really good rocket league player messes up a touch they could say it was a fake

    67. LiftinYou Tv

      bruh we all know FTMhere uninstalled and jumped of a ridge after that day

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      17:22 "Pretty low boost here" McScuse me? You had 96 boost lol

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      POV in comments: some fake people saying they were one of the people that went aganist musty in this vid

    73. Epic George Game


    74. Wang Yang

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    75. Os


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      Musty: I play like a bronze Gold players: I’m so much better than him he is so bad I can musty flick so much better than him and I can air dribble

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    93. Goofy Playz

      Musty” I am literally bronze 1 and the worst player to play the game” Me can’t even score a goal in free play

    94. Brandon Spradling

      Why don’t you go in discord so you can actually know what the other guy is thinking instead of just guessing

      1. Brandon Spradling

        You might as well solo queue

    95. ツDripzz

      21:49 the shark was hungry for the ball

    96. Crif.y

      “I should be bronze 1” - Musty Me thinking if he’s bronze one I would be soggy grandma 48

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      4:43 He literally said he plays like a Bronz. So that means im even worse than a Bronz xD

    98. Jürgen Domian

      Whats his stiffness, height and distance?

    99. Szabolcs Tóth

      Hey Musty, I have an interesting question Will you make a video about key presets for both controller and keyboard/mouse setup? I bought a controller some days ago and I can't figure out a good setup for it, and I need to ask a professional.

    100. Clayton L

      Hydrate or DIE-drate.