I 1v1'd pros but secretly changed the score so I always win (Rocket League)


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    In the video, I challenge some of the best Rocket League pro's to a 1v1, but secretly change the score so I always win. Will they notice or will I get away with it? Watch the video to find out!
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    1. amustycow

      check out Dragon City and download using my link for free rewards! dragoncity.onelink.me/DDHl/amustycow #sponsored

      1. Hossam Yahya

        I have this game.and love your videos

      2. Xkills4dayzX713 going pro

        Jstn. Can beat you my guy

      3. Maxime Roy

        Yeah yeah you play dragon city, obviously

      4. Awad Rizik


      5. Tinytortoise Gaming

        Nice shots on ayj

    2. smellymeadow hel

      Ys my screen not show the scoreboard tf

    3. Dmafn

      Im champ decently close to ssl im champ 3

    4. SexySam420

      Musty got 2m subs but still got a bad webcam 😬 I’m just playin man keep up the good work 😂

    5. John Doe

      7:05 music?

    6. Jace Ponder

      Zero ping. Lmaooooooo

    7. Rowan Maclean

      You should play against pros you have infinite boost and when they pickup small pads they get less boost

    8. Iain Thomson

      Arsenal and Musty were definitely in that together

    9. Dinis

      Arsenal really renaming all the known moves as his own

    10. artu

      arsenal SUCKS

    11. john ramirez

      Jesus loves youu

    12. Vigo

      bro dont lie you never even touched this game

    13. Sean.J Animations

      Musty: "And now for today's sponsor- me: *Spams fast forward button*

    14. Kube

      Ya I had my eyes closed

    15. Leo Hennigan

      Musty has truly gathered all the infinity stones

    16. i am a shoe

      Lads! 15000 food, 30000 gold AND 10 Gems! Fastttttt

    17. Daan S.

      realy funny, Nice video must! Keep going

    18. NorwegianQvirr

      Third game: Musty: 17 shots Chicago: 12 saves Musty: 8 goals Chicago: Hmm

    19. Kaliex 360

      This mod suck it feels like your trash ok

    20. Solary


    21. Matty Lee

      This is actually pure banta. One of the best rocket league related video I've seen in a while!! 😅

    22. Céderic Gauthier élève

      "Kēkapoò Kekåpøo" -Arsenal

    23. The_Chair_Man

      gaslighting rlcs pros

    24. nickboy

      dragon city=monster legends

    25. initiatingselfdestruct

      I clicked on the link to download dragon city then downloaded dragon city but I didn't get the rewards

      1. initiatingselfdestruct

        @sonata ?

      2. sonata

        Wrecked nerd

    26. Solomon Mathews

      2:23 no don't encourage him!

    27. Vinicius Moreira

      cmon arsenal, try for top 1 in 1v1, full sweat, that'd make a great series

    28. Louis Vernal

      I would've played as normal and 5 sec be4 end of game give myself enough scores to win. That way it would be more like wtf moment.

    29. Juan Simón López Castaño

      Musty: gets destroyed in 1v1s Also musty 1 month after: Becoming pro

    30. cannon van

      Take the mod into random online games and make kids rage like 30-0 that would be hilarious

    31. Camdyn Molina

      i want to play with you one day bro😩😩😩😩. love you musty😘

    32. Mop Da Floor

      Alternate title: making pros think they have alzheimers

    33. dylxn

      Maybe get leth to help he destorys arsenal

    34. ramakrishna thotakura

      Me in dragon city: OMG IM SO GOOD I HAVE 5 MILLION DOLLARS AND 2 LEGENDARY LIMITED DRAGONS AND 3 ISLANDS Me when I see him: I’m so frikin poor

    35. TTV tacotruck

      Who else want to see him buy every item in rocket league

    36. Preet barot

      15:38 why would he do that?

    37. Harley Davidson

      I already played Dragon city before I saw this.

    38. Samantha Kelleher


    39. rolldachez

      Now give your opponent extra goals then at the end pretend they pranked you and get mad at them

    40. Alexandre Ribeiro Miquilino

      Gaslighting: Rocket League Edition

    41. Flo Lwaq

      Musty: "Can't really do much, I just shoot" Chicago: "Oh, he read me"

    42. Hell yeah Hughes


    43. Julio Escobar

      Bruh poor ayyjayy he didn’t know what was happening and he thought he was going crazy😂😂😂😂

    44. sunair abid


    45. EVILCREED 7

      Try to mod it to where you have infinite boost and they don’t

      1. sonata

        Already did that

    46. Im Flux1

      I love how Musty talk aboult him with WE

    47. Suishcat

      The skill difference between a pro and a SSL is actually terrifying. That the highest rank possible that was made because GC wasn't high enough is still way below pro level.

    48. Jakob Bjørnkjær-Nielsen

      can u put a link in the dec for bakkesmod next vid?

    49. Margarita Barreto

      I am done

    50. FireboltNTN _

      I’m only confused how musty’s ping is 0

    51. Walter

      I like how Chicago was like “oh her read me” but you were like I don’t wanna give myself a goal

    52. jayriverson HiddenAura


    53. Gymnastics Kid

      I tried to press skip when the sponsor came up lol

    54. Discord Discord

      Plot twist: he was hacking the whole time and always had this mod (I am obviously kidding)

    55. fernando benitez

      I’ll just give my self a goal “ musty

    56. Zakaria Hamzi

      I would love to play with you on rocket League

    57. Zakaria Hamzi

      I’m a huge fan of your channel

    58. Zakaria Hamzi

      My name is musty on rockery

    59. Zakaria Hamzi

      musty can I play with you

    60. Zakaria Hamzi

      Musty I be a Granshagh champ

    61. Vital Anesthesia

      Let me freind u plzz

    62. Mr Trigger

      I have dragon city its such a good game

    63. AXO_Editz

      How do you do the changing goals do you use bakkesmod

    64. FaZe _Quadzy

      Yoo musty download monster legends

    65. Tragically Unhip

      musty you are a pro

    66. Shadowz

      If it went to overtime and musty would give himself a goal as the opponent would score, what would happen?

    67. Lincoln Zecca

      Musty has

    68. Fingerboard_dec Fb

      I never realised but I think I might be a mini u. I play rl and I play dragon city in my spare time as well! It is so fun

    69. Steinar Vassnes

      I play Dragon City

    70. EF Games

      Bakkesmod plugin link?

    71. Big brained Genius

      Do this but you’re 1v1ing golf players and you give the golds points

    72. Bailey Evans

      Wait musty you are a pro

    73. StanchestSword

      Classified being on top of the GFuel pyramid! My favourite flavour.

    74. Gavdemond

      how do you install this mod i need to troll my friends

    75. brains YT

      bager no cap?

    76. Dade gustavson

      You should make a mod to take their points away

    77. Curious Creator

      Do that with Jstn lmao😂

    78. SkyLine.

      Ummm I have a question why do u keep saying OMG “JESUS CHRIST”?

    79. ClassifyLOL

      e e e e e e e e e e

    80. speedy 9-0-9

      13:25 chicago solo play in 1v1?

    81. Jack

      You should've let it go to overtime and then right as the opponent's going to score add one goal to win.

    82. Natural Living

      Yo i used to play dragon city years ago

    83. Hi Bro


    84. Mizz

      1:05 cap

    85. Soul Chicken

      It was sick but he did it badly

    86. teddy katompwa

      try to do that whit justin

    87. Samar17_IEC_037 student

      Man sry the way you cheated was Hella dumb. Cmon man could have atleast tried to look a bit more convincing. Anyway still love ya bro.

    88. Matt Kid

      Yo the sponsor is a copy off of monster legends

    89. Elliott Elton

      Arsenal just says random stuff and it’s hilarious.

    90. L's Hell

      hey musty, what mic do you use? im a new pc player and looking for a mic with a budget of $115

    91. Danny Apuango

      That’s how I play

    92. Eric Njolai

      If you look at the list at the start is says eat as much icecream as you can bruh

    93. Biscuit Bros

      i downloaded dragon city 1 battle i played it 24/7 ;DDD

      1. McHuTao

        @Biscuit Bros um

      2. Biscuit Bros

        also i said OMG I HAVE 24 POINTS!! my brother said i was scoring my own goal ATLEAST I GOT TRAITER 20 GOALS ;D

    94. Benjamin Schneider


    95. Alek Schaffer

      Arsenal has the best personality

    96. Chance Kirby

      Notice how his ping is 0 like wtf

    97. Cody Hill

      He should do challenge where it takes opponent score down

    98. Josh Dorrington

      Just go yolo and add 100 goals

    99. Delic_ Danteツ

      no way Arsenal and musty it was 10-9 Same to Ayyjayy..

    100. SpaceDogGaming

      Arsenal was like oh you hit a musty on me