Getting the BEST SAVE of my entire Rocket League career | Musty MOMENTS 16 🐮


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    Musty Rocket League MOMENTS 16. In the video, I get the closest save of my entire Rocket League career. I had to avoid the bump and barely managed to get a touch on the ball even though it was 100% in. The rest of the video features some of my best Rocket League highlights/moments that I've had in the past month (musty flicks, flip resets, fakes, and other mechanics). Enjoy!
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    1. amustycow

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      Did you notice the song say run for your life?

    3. Encolo

      1:36 that is my exact car Saphron fennec, musty flag, NRG decal and alpha boost

    4. Arfaan Ahmed

      I got like 5/25attwmpts right while trying the musty flick

    5. Arfaan Ahmed

      I also tried the Musty flick but it was hard though

    6. Arfaan Ahmed

      Just watching you play is motivating,imagine what what it would feel like playing with you

    7. shelley Middleton

      this vid was lit

    8. DBZ OneShot

      Musty > Spoodah


      You say saves not goals

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    17. Fathimath Ibrahim

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    18. Fathimath Ibrahim

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    19. teloscopic

      Bro these meme stops make me laugh so much! Musty, your video style is literally the best!

    20. Son Goku

      im just watching these vids cuz i got banned for 3 days even tho i didnt even play for a whole month :/

    21. Μαριος Διονυσοπουλος

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      He bounced off the blue guys car

    26. Hitcher 1995

      Hi musty I love your videos. I’m 5 years old from England and watch your videos everyday and would love to have a game with you! From Vinnie!

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    28. Micropop

      Musty: (scores the best goal in history) “nice”

    29. JAXON WINN

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      What a godly save😀🥶👌🏾

    31. Irma Dorantes

      Can you add me on Rocket league please

    32. Luke Pfeiffer

      What a save! What a save! What a save! Chat disabled for 3 seconds

    33. Riley Upshaw

      Best NLname/ rock league player keep up the good work musty

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    39. MAX MASTER14

      1:36 THAT FLICK WAS INSANE!( what flick was it tho?) 😂😂😂

      1. Yxng Eesa

        @MAX MASTER14 yeah it was I thought u didn’t know what a breezi flick was that’s why I said it

      2. MAX MASTER14

        @Yxng Eesa i think it was a scuffed breezi

      3. Yxng Eesa

        Breezi flick

    40. JoeMama

      6:25 smoothest musty flick I’ve ever seen

    41. hwctor gonzalez

      The first clip the ball literally went right inside the goal

    42. Ez CLAPS


    43. Devon Shook

      6:20. that should be called a "bluetooth pinch".

    44. Eylül İnan

      6:07 to 6:11 wtf

    45. James

      I’ve got a video idea: Make a private match, then choose how ever many bots you want, next make sure they are the worst bots, play a 5 minute match, every time u win make the bots better, every time you lose, make them worse, by the end of the video, hopefully you reached All-Star bots.

    46. Ocebanana909

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    47. Ocebanana909

      Musty lier Musty lier

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      Is this is musty??????

    49. space.

      Pause the vid at 3:04 and I saw to say on NRG SHORTS channel they Benjy fishy was playin rl and the guy who tried to challenge musty had the name as benjy

    50. Cbroyce1_god

      You should 1v1 garret

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      Where are my plants that can do those shots in their every-day-games huh?

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      This is epic, never been so hyped while watching a video in my life. Thanks for bringing out the kid in me again.

    56. Salma Manaa

      You should do a lot of that time of vide bro nice job

      1. Salma Manaa


    57. Anna Buescher

      So one time when I was playing rocket league it was a fourth a free match and I was on the walls but I didn’t score all the goals my friend Emil score of those four goals so I made it to nine points by scoring and getting to nine points in rocket week in the ships lost the game in the wolves ended up winning the championship 🏆

    58. Daniel Nasseri

      Ur the best musty pls replie

    59. Lori Magee


    60. Lori Magee


    61. Lori Magee


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      10:50for the best save

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      The mm mm lol

    70. Chrystopher Cepero

      if u are ever against musty i know how to beat him u press escape and then abandon match and get f@ck at out of that game cuz there is no way u are winning

    71. Lizzy Harris

      I used to watch him when he had 123 subs😁😃😃 (so I'm pretty much his biggest fan!)

    72. Lizzy Harris

      call it musty mooments!!

    73. Kevin Bristow

      musty im big fan and im 8 and i know how to freestyle im basicly the youngist freestyler ever

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      For some reason he looks 10 times better in 2x speed

    77. Tamika Taumaletila

      I had my first musty flick musty and I'm 8

    78. Harry Lambe

      Me: how do you do it? Musty: it's all because of Gfual Me look on the store gets ragen gummy fish goes in a game trys to do I Musty flick 1 minute later let's goooooo

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