Can I finally hit Supersonic Legend in 1v1? | Getting my best save EVER?! | 1’s Until I Lose Ep. 31


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    In the Rocket League video, I'm on my supersonic legend rank up game and you'll see whether or not I can secure the highest rank in the game in 1v1! Also stay until the end to see the best save I've ever gotten in my Rocket League career. The goal of this series is to help you guys improve in Rocket League by explaining as much of my thought process as I can and why I made certain decisions or why certain mistakes happened. Hopefully you can apply some of that information from a supersonic legend 1v1 player to your own game and rank up. Enjoy!
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    1. Hagen Taylor

      Musty why get weried when YOU know your the one and only MUSTY!! (Exepct the fake Mustys)

    2. Leonardo

      Go musty

    3. Leonardo

      He makes us feel like we're part of his team like we going to win as well

    4. crusty- crisp5

      After I watched this I got supersonic legend

    5. Abdulkareem Elsaleh

      Same person 2 times in a row it was kaylex. who noticed?

    6. Isaac Whitton

      Bro his opponent was so aggressive 💀💀

    7. Adetokumbo Peter Owasanoye

      Me can I finally hit gc

    8. Jamie Plume

      Im in gran champ

    9. Kyrell Julian


    10. Cryptic KNAXVLE

      why is he saying they to his oponents tho

    11. ItsNayze

      The first player you played against is a fucking dog chaser

    12. Neo Gunnarsson

      he is like a commentator when he plays

    13. Snuf Stuff

      10:53 for the save

    14. Kerlos Alco

      I love the hey gamer

    15. Oscar Brown

      I wish I was like musty

    16. teun speeltgames

      By usssssssssss

    17. Daniel Taylor

      and you are so good

    18. Daniel Taylor

      Are you archly playing the game

      1. Brynn


    19. Mertzyfy 07

      The double save vs squishy was way better

    20. Harry son

      Musty, if you see this I’m just saying that I used to be Gold lll but I kept losing, and today I lost my best friend because went down to silver lll I just want to be plat so my best friend will come back

    21. Kasparas Juknys

      POV: Your here from LaurenZSide’s video

      1. Brynn

        POV: no

    22. Andrew the Sloth

      I SUCK at 1s I’m like silver 1 lol 😂

    23. Lesley Hogan-Abbott

      get the boossssss

    24. lol lo

      Hes there super sonic legend I'm chilling here with gold 3 sad days

    25. AllanMasterLord

      insted off boost he said bossssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

    26. Kathleen & Jerod Smith

      whats ur diskord

    27. tomas341


    28. Jabyho

      This is how many saves he made I I I V

      1. Brynn

        Lol 0 roblox kid stop trying to get attention

    29. Shakeel Rahman

      I still don’t know how to air dribble Okay so you get a little under the ball and then you double jump and start dribbling by boosting into the air and i don’t think you have to rotate in circles. 10:52 i think this was the part of his best save

    30. Brayan Arevalo

      Did anyone else notice he played the same person 2 times

      1. Jip Schwegler

        That happens often in high ranks

    31. Jere Grossmith

      Who's watching this when musty is a pro

    32. ToXiC Gamer

      Everytime musty almost own goaled i was like holy shit, don't do it

    33. Oh Diss

      How is this man against a gc3 ballchaser

      1. Oh Diss

        @Brynn damn ur down bad. I was just saying it’s difficult to get to gc as a ball chaser

      2. Brynn

        It’s 1v1 everyone plays different ur probably a f2p who’s silver

    34. Solidstrikers

      U are goated on the sticks

    35. Solidstrikers


    36. Brawlhalla ViBEZ

      Is musty using pronouns does musty have pronouns?

      1. Brynn

        He just says they so he doesn’t rly offend anybody

    37. Th3Rooster

      Everytime musty says a word that ends with s Musty: gotta grab that boosssssst, made him missssssss, awwwww I misssssed

    38. Bill fn.

      Ball: 90% into the goal Musty: good save by us

    39. Ray Rahman

      When NRG team beside the ball blue team goes for the ball fast

    40. LILO

      Musty: best save EVER Also Musty: saves his own shot (21:18)

    41. AquaXduo yourinsane

      Hey Gamer

    42. Marioescriva Escriva

      0:00 whats the name of the song

    43. lofivibez


    44. Wild

      I don’t play rocket league is this rank like champs in arena fortnite

      1. Brynn

        Lmao no this 8s top 300


      Dislikes were 666 so i made it 667 sorry musty im still a huge fan but i had 2

    46. Braden Furbay

      Im in platinum and im hitting flip resets and i got a quad tap before

      1. Brynn

        @Braden Furbay a quad tap is probably luck and a flip reset is not needed in plat, maybe a little air dribble but def not flip resets

      2. Brynn

        @Braden Furbay yeah no

      3. Braden Furbay

        @Brynn lol i do

      4. Brynn

        Try and focus on stuff like rotation and team play not flip resets

    47. JSG

      not only is insane in this game but he also really know what he is going to do and what is the smartest to do

    48. Braulio Ascencio

      I like how he explains every little thing he does and shows the details

    49. Ossa Ossa

      6.45 above ur camera 😳

    50. Elias Cotte

      Flexing listening to music. Dat boi listens to Ariana

    51. Ibrahim Shah

      Can I finally hit diamond

    52. Nick Mine

      The energetic pleasure surprisingly bury because dibble proximally tick opposite a reflective fear. irate, accurate cave

    53. kurt3270 kurt3270

      I’ll get this boooosssssst

    54. Cj Fly

      I saw red among us

    55. A Kaniecki

      Username. Papperclippy

      1. A Kaniecki

        Console xbox

    56. A Kaniecki

      Can you give me credits plz I'm a huge fan

    57. Mikey Crawley

      Music whilst playing rocket league is just 😍😍

    58. Jack Grill


    59. Alessandro Di Stefano

      nobody: Musty:sssssssssssss

    60. Karin Strand

      Can You 1v1 mertzy????

    61. Target Moose

      Me “can I finally hit bronze?!?”

    62. JJ Jackson

      How did you get so good?

    63. Liv W

      How is he so good like musty your insane I wish I could do that

    64. Phsyco


    65. Phsyco

      ur the best yuotuber in the world :) I cant stop watching ur videos

    66. Korey Griffith

      Got bless you all

    67. Γιώργος Πανουτσόπουλος

      10:54 this is your best save ???( pretty nice job)

    68. TIMBIT games

      What controller do you use

    69. Harvey Jordan

      Why is he still playing the same guy???

    70. Red Revolution


    71. Riley_ikoniic01 Ashby


    72. Da Pugz Hyper

      he literallly played the same guy when he reached ssl

    73. Yarden AF

      This editing is insane

    74. Natural

      Hey, you guys don’t have to but it would mean a lot if you could rate my montage :)

    75. Sinister

      Is it just me but he said the same sentce twice

    76. dynamitebeatbox

      "hey gamer” never gets old

    77. Charlie Mcknight

      The save tho

    78. Pierce Sharp

      I don't have it

    79. bloboficecream

      He so good

    80. bloboficecream

      Musty incurious me

    81. EETTHHNN


    82. Zwebb 0623


    83. Elijah Dugan

      Bro I’m 5 placement matches in and I’m undefeated rn. I have 896 MMR which translates to Diamond 2 Division 2. I really want to see if I can reach Champion level or possibly Grand Champion 1 but I am nowhere near that skill level

    84. Super Greek

      Nobody: Musty:boossssssssssssst

    85. Sara Habib

      Musty=snake 🐍 💀 😳 🤧 🤣 😐 🐍 let me go for boossssssst

    86. Derek Deleon

      I really want to trade a goal explosion plzz musty

    87. Uninterested

      I wouldn't have noticed that there was no sound if he hadn't said anything.

    88. LTC Kidz


    89. LTC Kidz

      I want 20XX

    90. Shinobi itachi sharingan yt

      Ur legit to Goated

    91. Bad Hero

      This vid is just fire 🔥 🔥🔥

    92. L2 AgroZ

      Who else saw the red among us character

    93. Doris Mpempa Fimpa

      I don’t know

    94. Doris Mpempa Fimpa

      I’m ssl

    95. Doris Mpempa Fimpa

      He is so good

    96. Doris Mpempa Fimpa

      He does the best shot in the game

    97. ThatAnimeGuy

      Anyone else see the among us character at 6:45

    98. Will Summey

      Personally I like the music better than game sounds.

    99. Christian Jorge