7 Sidemen vs 1 Supersonic Legend ($10,000 Rocket League Challenge)


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    Today, play against the Sidemen in a 7 vs 1 Rocket League match. We play the games in this order: 1v1, 1v2, 1v3, 1v4, 1v5, 1v6, and finally a 1v7. For the final 1v7 match, the winner takes home $10,000
    Check out the Sidemen: nlname.info/fund/DogdKl7t7NHzQ95aEwkdMw
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    0:00 - intro
    2:43 - 1 vs 1
    3:39 - 1 vs 2
    6:04 - 1 vs 3
    8:31 - 1 vs 4
    11:19 - 1 vs 5
    14:03 - 1 vs 6
    16:03 - 1 vs 7
    Production Music by www.epidemicsound.com
    #amustycow #RocketLeague
    Edited by kdence. thekdence

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    1. Kaibou

      Ksi wasn’t trying his best. He could do triple flip reset with a musty flick.

      1. Ishaq Daulatzai


      2. Ahmed Hossam

        @BRUH MEME lol one goal left for the iconic 7-1

      3. jujuan blunt

        @Josh;SinT3xt vhill

      4. JayGGZZ


      5. Jadvir Ranu


    2. BxbbIy

      Imao ksi thinks ur the ball

    3. The Black man

      did musty say dickstar or an i deff

    4. E

      hey gamer hey gamer hey gamer hey gamer hey gamer hey gamer hey gamer hey gamer hey gamer hey gamer hey game.....

    5. Curwyn Naidoo

      Gotta redo this with Ethan behzinga without the lag

    6. Juanma

      The biggest collab will still forever be "F2 vs Sidemen"

    7. paul Coul

      I was the 2 millionth view :D

    8. Patricia

      Side men channels in case you didn't know them if you do skip this comment. KSI TBJZLCLIPS VIKKSTAR123HD ZERKAA BEH2INGA W2S PLAYS MM7GAMES. and they have 3 group channels "SIDEMEN" MORE SIDEMEN AND SIDEMEN REACT.

    9. Nanieve


    10. Mark Villem Marmei

      Musty be like: yo, Hery!

    11. tRigeL

      Musty makes rocket lesgue, actually ROCKET league

    12. WeeGeeBoiii

      the auto subtitles called vikstar dickstar

    13. Илья Давлетханов

      Брат ты лучший 🤜🤛

    14. xd Dynamitee

      You’re musty

    15. ToxicNl

      4:01 pure cringe

    16. Yio Cho

      First couple games were soo hilarious lmao

    17. MachinLDO

      musty im not trying to be mean but your barber did you wrong

    18. Luke

      Musty really just said reading is kinda cringe. Like bro you realize you're an influencer over thousands of kids?

    19. Cruz O

      As the 1v7 started hey look musty turned His monitor on

      1. Spacezero

        Lol a true og

    20. Fusion

      14:20 musty forgot to censor josh swearing 😂 demonetisation here we come

      1. Spacezero


    21. Yeetmare 76

      When you Owned goalies i though your doing the far post pinch

    22. The Roblox God

      That's for making these cids becasue I learned so much of you

    23. Devin

      this is kinda just dumb he was going crazy on beginners but great video

      1. Elijah Rae

        And he still lost the 1v6 loool

    24. akash chetry

      This guy just said reading is cring

    25. Dukeplayz fortnite

      Musty ive been wondering for a while what is that goal explosion

    26. Daníel Þór Elmarsson

      Im on pieriod

    27. Big boy shawty

      How r u so good musty

      1. Elijah Rae

        His mechanics aren't but everything else is

    28. Hassan B

      could they not hear u or were they just airing u?

    29. ReaperXDarkX

      He used a m and b warband sound clip lol

    30. Szymon Meczkowski

      Best vid ever very funny love it

    31. Shaun McCullers


    32. PRV Fluvy890

      11:10 This KSI dude😂😂

    33. Big boy shawty

      Musty ur insane

    34. syburn

      Day 1 of asking musty to react to my rocket leauge montage

    35. Peter Conklin

      Reminds me of Dream's manhunts.

    36. Ismail Ahmed

      So i played against musty 2 years ago and my car touched his car. Now musty's car touched the sidemens car, basically me an the sidemen are best pales

    37. Suraya Akther

      musty:HAHAHAHHAHAHAH I AM TOO POWERFUL! NO ONE CAN STOP ME!! bumbs:are you sure about that🤨?

    38. Rorza169

      I remember watching vik in lazarbeams old fortnite videos.

    39. IamR

      Damn boii

    40. Yotiis

      Last year he was at 300k

    41. LucxsJxlly

      i say me and you 1v1 and winner gets nothin but pride smh

    42. usman khan

      LOL these guys are clue less about ariels, lol musty saying these are some seriuos hacks

    43. Sasuke Shizzlemac

      ksi is one of those toxic plats that demoes you all game

    44. Zhasurbek Umarov

      Game: 6 to 1 Me: We were this close to greatness.

    45. Mr. Bubz

      JSTN VS 7 SIDEMEN!!!

    46. James Phillips

      KSI how can you reach that "me it's not that hard

    47. Vincent Bell

      What a save! What a save! What a save! Okay

    48. Oggle Spice

      guys, musty uses hack confirmed.

    49. Donavan Lee

      Rename the video in 7 Bots against 1 Grand Champion

    50. Wilson Ayala

      11:23 turn on captions

      1. kiners

        Lol I saw that

    51. Harman Nirmal

      the disprespect yo put the sidemen in a montage

    52. Crankyyam

      1v5 turned into Athena at the end

    53. Flucky.

      Am I the only one who thinks musty sounds like ninja

      1. Flucky.

        I mean when he speaks in a deep voice

      2. zinii

        yea i think its only you lmao

    54. Morella Továr


    55. Diabeto 1212

      I swear you had 70k subs last week. Time flying

    56. Samuel Carta

      All fun and games till musty leans forward in his gamer chair

    57. b_cabry 88

      Every time musty scores "let's goo l'ets goo"

    58. Daniel 999

      These are the worst Plat and Diamond player in the world No front

    59. Jr

      “Its in the air again”- Ksi 😂😂😂

    60. Emre Turk

      Bet the 10k came out of ksi bank account xD

    61. TickyYT

      5:53 cats vs cucumbers be like

    62. LEMO

      lets goooo da musty

    63. Skuzz Benson

      Did it for the content. Done watching

    64. ඞ JPlayZ ඞ

      Musty is a true gamer. He wears his headset while working out.

    65. K Jayanth

      Nice video keep it up make more related videos

    66. A-legend_ Trooper12

      I remember when Rocket league was to play with the family😢

    67. Simon Hill

      This is 1000 hours? What? I have 1000 and I’m a plat 2, wtf

    68. lil Oreo

      20:28 .....

    69. Black sworm

      Wait can anyone tell me what goal explosion musty is using?

    70. soinhu foitu

      “You should go pro you’re good at this game” Stares in musty 👁👄👁

      1. Lucas Starmans

        Can u put the time this happens pls

    71. Nik games

      I like how it says dickstar when you turn the subtitles on

      1. soinhu foitu

        KSI hit the ball once and instantly regretted it

    72. Twitch Likely

      Your intros is toooooooo loooonnnggggggg bro

      1. zinii

        get sponsor block, you can skip intros/outros

    73. Hornet 7

      Oh no gotta get booze

    74. Marcus

      And thats a good collaboration, gg and big W

    75. Loading


    76. iiTzAntfarm 1

      How did you get them to do this?

    77. Michael Lewis

      I want in on one of these

    78. SNF Zamer

      Back up terry😂😂😂

    79. Diz Nuts

      Yo can u collab with mr beast

    80. AFG

      I am trying so hard to do musty flick 🥵

    81. YakSubway

      Harry: he just keeps flying lads!

    82. KYLE

      The best part an funniest about this vid is ksi following musty

    83. Oliver-Nation

      izi money

    84. Andy Lizarralde

      Musty vs KSI in a boxing match needs to happen...

    85. YerocMc

      What the fk are sidemen?

    86. Ptao Tom

      Legend has it that ksi is still chasing him to this day

    87. Hudson Witt

      KSI hit the ball once and instantly regretted it

      1. Hudson Witt

        @Ptao Tom true I’ve never played before

      2. Ptao Tom

        And people said "ud get clapped"

    88. Dang Tbh

      No one Ksi-it’s in the air it’s in the air guys it’s in the air

    89. Jackson Hostetter

      I love how musty called the by thier usernames and ot thier real names..............respect for musty

    90. oussama benabdderrazzak

      nobody musty: now im facing hairy

    91. Connor Yancy

      Jesus Christ is the only way into heaven

    92. Jason Gartner

      This is a video for must to just boost his ego. 5 of them are like bronze 1 and they all have over 120 ping

    93. Sliz id

      Musty is on keyboard or controller?

    94. Paddie

      wait when did reading get cringe 😯

    95. jaxy yttt

      My cuz smoked u ashllxyy

    96. Son 69

      Ksi is a menace to society lol

    97. Daniel Gwynne

      Musty every other second. Nice

    98. David LaFrom

      17:03 That's what she said! XDDDDD

    99. Beastboybart

      17:17 Ksi was giving me anxiety 😆

    100. Beastboybart

      Ksi was giving me anxiety ngl 😂