1 Gold vs 2 Upside Down Supersonic Legends (Impossible Challenge)


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    Today, @SquishyMuffinz and I challenge some low ranked players and we try to do the impossible. 2 turtling supersonic legends take on 1 bronze, 1 silver, and finally 1 gold in a match where we can only turtle on the hood of our car. Are the games possible for us to win? Watch the video to find out! Enjoy!
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    0:00 - intro
    1:13 - vs 1 bronze
    5:59 - vs 1 silver
    10:00 - vs 1 gold
    // Watch the 7 bronze vs 1 grand champ match: nlname.info/project/video/boPRlom3qqWNa5s
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    // Watch the 7 upside down grand champs vs a bronze match:
    // Watch the 7 silvers vs 1 grand champ match:
    // Watch the 3 diamonds vs 1 grand champ match:
    // Watch the 1 bronze with spikes vs grand champ match:
    // Watch the 5 platinum vs 1 grand champ match:
    // Watch the 7 golds vs 1 supersonic legend match:
    Production Music by www.epidemicsound.com
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    1. amustycow

      thanks for 2 million subs

      1. Ronnie Vazquez

        No problem u deserve it bro

      2. Mårten Hansen

        @Bryce Pittman Ndlöd

      3. Bryce Pittman

        Mus te add me

      4. Mårten Hansen


      5. Mårten Hansen


    2. Ink Killer

      Kind of funny when he says ssssssssss when he gets nervous for saving and scoring xD

    3. Wayland Fields

      tbh i think the bronze was better

    4. Brandon Moore

      That gold suck

    5. Brandon Moore

      Could I be in a vid sometime please

    6. Moaz Awouda

      Be ready for 10M subs

    7. Moaz Awouda

      Did u beat sunless khan

    8. Poké Duo

      Can we count how many creepers there where?

    9. Xx_FatFish_xX

      “I’m suck” -Musty 2021 9:30

    10. Ryan Frawley

      musty sounding like a creeper the whole video lmao

    11. followedez

      the first was a silver or so

    12. DaSaltySnail


    13. GalaxyX

      1:43 Why did u 50?

    14. Cam Sharpe

      Can u chill with the creeper sounds I’m mining

    15. ShadowPredator69


    16. katty Shah

      I loved when waterly scored own goal

    17. Jodi L.


    18. sunair abid

      Bronze's are better than silver

    19. Mikasa Ackerman

      i subbed rn

    20. toprak robben

      If you press the powerslide you move slower

    21. Steve Watkins

      this guy is a natural creeper lol

    22. Simon S

      I ruined number of comments from 7777 to 7778:(

    23. Eric Almeida

      My head when i am playing minecraft and watching. *Musty hissing*

    24. aaaricct talbert

      is it just me or was the gold actually a plat the bronze actually a gold and the silver really just a silver

    25. Breadcrumbs

      he should sue minecraft, they used musty's voice for creepers

    26. lolomcgoat


    27. BigJim1234

      Squishy's just a natural god at turtle.

    28. Becon ILOVEPARKOUR0_0

      Second match had me wheezing

    29. Xl COLD lX

      3:18 😂😂

    30. イ入 Asdrion TM

      I was not expecting a second video game where you can turtle.

    31. Erman Brka

      How are Mutsy and squisymuffins are so good at turtel i AM a plat 1 en subscribe too Mutsy and squisymuffins

    32. xxLegendLarryxx

      after the bronze match i can only say: SSSsss

    33. Sherita Barron

      Musty calling golds (like me) are ssl. YES SIR 👏

    34. Ac Alfie

      Can’t believe in 3 months he got 50k more subs

    35. Eo Craft

      Is Musty a creeper because he really sounds like one

    36. Grandwich

      Alternative title : boosting a golds ego

    37. Manuel Tombacco

      Bro that bronze was better than the silver

    38. chinny.

      Next video: 1 upside down gold vs 2 supersonic legends

    39. Sven Braeken

      I like the part where hé says sssssss

    40. Dylan Carroll

      how is squishy still fully cracked turtling...

    41. Irllywantamint

      waterlily seems better then a normal bronze and what bronze has that goal exploosion

    42. Tit4n Reap3r


    43. SouR Surge

      That bronze was fake that was a gold my friend is in gold and I see people like that good all the time

    44. Ryan Rashid

      use code mustyisgarbage in the item shop cause he is garbage against golds

    45. Tegan1.2

      “Do you know the squishy save” While talking to Squishy

    46. Henry Jasa

      I 💕 your paint

    47. Chayse Stringer

      Kinda cheap to air dribble when ur supposed to turtle.

    48. R1V3R M00N

      Musty turned into a creeper as his Pokemon evolution!

    49. Mark Jansen

      hahaha creeper

    50. Vin Playz


    51. Cale Stires

      Can you 1v1 me I am gold 1

    52. Jakub Osojca

      Yeah turtle bros


      hi i am gold


      Squishy is secretly a real turtle..

    55. Rajesh Surya

      Well that bronze us better than ne and I'm plat in 1s lol

    56. Paaluu szeeek

      Gold play like platin idk why i think he have platin

    57. Daniel Sanchez

      Is nobody gonna talk about how they have infinite boost

    58. Ryler Mc

      User name is F4nt0m ICE

    59. Ryler Mc

      Hey musty, I bought a lot of your murch and I was wondering if you wanted to maybe play some rocket league

    60. Ali Alatari

      Double squishy save attack! 7:00 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    61. Poor man Plays

      🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢let’s gooooo

    62. Cort Wresh

      How is the bronze better than me a gold 2



    64. Draven Munoz

      you were like a creeper the hole vid :)

    65. John M.

      musty :they're just too good" me:"really its a bronze"

    66. ZYPROK

      Is this mincraft creeper mode lol

    67. Duck Feet

      First that is not a good and it unfair cuz all they did is air dibble on the 2 round

    68. The Gaming Kid aka Cam

      I was the 2 millionth sub

    69. Viraaj Singh Thakur

      Musty rage quiting style: BRUHH

    70. Nerd Cwazy

      Bruh I’ve seen bronzes and that “bronze” looks like a gold or plat lol

    71. Jean Ralphio

      Imagine being a bronze and play Squishy and Musty. That’s probably the best part. 😂

    72. dgcat1118

      He's a creeper that I keep getting close to but never let explode

    73. Olek

      playing like australia

    74. Saqlain Hussain

      That bronze was like gold

    75. Tommy Boi

      This whole video is " SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS " asmr from musty over here. respect

    76. TickyYT

      ssssssssssss AWW MAN

    77. Falling Lope

      Not gonna lie but that gold it like horrible lol Like how is my man gold 😂

    78. D-Team

      The whole game "Ffss Ffsss Fss

    79. Titilola


    80. Rowen Dorsey

      Your video ideas are AMAZING!

    81. Sage Karma

      dont you hate it when you become a creeper

    82. Bryce Pittman

      Bro that gold trash

    83. French Fries

      This is how many times musty said sssshh I I v

    84. Eric jr Garcia

      The creeper

    85. phoenixworld901 Gaming

      I am way better than the gold I am a gold one and I can do a musty flick flip reset but not off the wall

    86. *Skyler*

      im 100 percent better than the gold and im a gold 2

    87. Peep

      That moment when musty screamed BRUH had me laughing 😂 😂😂

    88. TASSAWAR Ul Haq

      Me playing minecraft and watching this video:NOOOOOO AHHHHHHHHHHHHH

    89. Hydro mobile

      Most of the time ppl make these vids golds are bad but this gold was pretty good

    90. kou

      U sure this mas was gold? It seems like silver

    91. wwe Action man


    92. wwe Action man


    93. Atinfoilhat

      The silver guy was on pc and with high ping too. He was at a disadvantage

    94. Jogos do Eraldão

      Thats a pro not a ssl

    95. Derek van der Veen

      7 turtle SL vs 1 champ? edit: maybe too hard to find 7 SLs

    96. Hockey Elis

      Haha the bronze was better Rhen the silver

    97. Olly Taylor

      Musty literally every 30 seconds: shffffffffss

    98. William Huebner

      sorry musty but yeah that's a pretty average gold, maybe even a bit underaverage

    99. Thomas Hatton

      tbh I don’t know why I wasn’t signed in but I just have and I subbed

    100. Arturo Moreno

      By the way musty you’re so good at rocket league