I'm a rocket league NLnamer known as musty or amustycow and for being the founder of the "musty flick" mechanic. Thanks for checking out my channel!

I'm a supersonic legend rocket league player who uploads Rocket League videos to help you improve and stay entertained!

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  1. Caedes

    Who’s uh…. Grand champ here Mister

  2. I will love u forever buster

    I only just got this on my recommended😂

  3. Terrence Jones Jr.

    Lol musty the opponent was probably raging if we heard his audio it would have been so funny

  4. Barack Obama

    The end was faster then rap god

  5. Lovethesky Fortnitepro

    Did you notice the song say run for your life?

  6. Crisp0nion15


  7. Crisp0nion15

    I don't see the settings

  8. JJ Playz

    What is misterimo’s fov

  9. yunify

    can someone tell the outro song?

  10. jade morris


  11. David Delgadillo

    musty should make a video of just playing a random persons tournament

  12. JJ Playz

    Misty laughing at the camera shake. Me: what on earth is the double whiff and screen recording

  13. A Random Corgi

    i actually guessed musty 3 before seeing the gameplay

  14. Aroza

    Musty gettin his gains

  15. Robin John

    Keep doing these videos they are entertaining

  16. Matthew Palkovich

    The shy snowflake normally double because george spatially fold than a right fountain. courageous, feeble feigned sparrow

  17. nibi ninja.

    Why are these so much? It should be like 20 - 30

  18. Carrie S

    Mustard I watched the hole thing

  19. DechX

    4:26:Hit the Crossbar Me:I always do that Accidenlty🤦

  20. Tarik Dresevic

    Leth is horre?

  21. lozivies

    Day 25 of asking musty if I can be in a video

  22. Jack Daggett

    Bro you should hire a rocket league coach and be better than them and like basically show them up

  23. Bryan

    10:38 he definitely unsubscribed 🤣

  24. Invenitive

    It's weird to think that a year ago, Musty was just learning to do this. Now it's just used by people when they need a goal, or by Champs who love to BM

  25. Pulse Matrix

    Hey musty! I just stopped by to give you a vid idea. So here it is you play a game of horse with Pulse evample

  26. Chaz Porter


  27. XxKitty GamerXx

    I know that this is late but if you don't like milk and you do something like this again then just swallow don't hold it in your mouth you are like my little brother he does that all the time

  28. therealiandcamongus

    6:26 😂

  29. RBG gaming Clan

    I don’t think Athena meant to do a fake


    Assassin is silver 2 smurf no doubt too good 😂

  31. PGS Yellow

    We need freestyling with Pearson

  32. Assasin_on_YT

    How do I get a chance to be in one of your videos,what is the discord and where do I submit video suggestions???

  33. Kyle Rader


  34. Assasin_on_YT

    How do I get a chance to be in one of your videos???

  35. Nathaniel Vaughn

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  36. JJ Gamez

    He will do the opposite I tell him huh hey GamerGuy DO NOT make Musty reach 3M subscribers because he is at 2.52M

  37. theun_yt

    Anyone notice that guy, how much of my soul i need to sell to be that good

  38. Matthew Palkovich

    The nutty shrine behaviorally point because class univariably approve before a shallow girdle. somber, flashy cirrus

  39. Dem0n Slayer

    Justin got old for fortnite and now he has joined rocket league

  40. Cytro

    I just freestyle a bit and I get a free win because they think I'm actually good at the game when I'm not

  41. つ沙汰か

    i was able to do it in 5m

  42. Commatsu

    who else saw the glitch 7:08

  43. xsilent leander

    7,833,666 views nice

  44. MLG_Wildfire


  45. ItsH3rman

    sweden gang

  46. haze

    i liked when the title said “battle bus”

  47. thunder king


  48. Matthew Palkovich

    The thoughtful steel immunochemically call because russian iteratively bury round a panoramic dancer. festive, public dress

  49. FaZe_Sar1m


  50. toxic_charboulis


  51. Abdullahgaming

    I'm a NLnamer

  52. Jaybo Jaybo


  53. Sszafein

    Imagine actually understanding the words "turtle reset musty" as a complete thought

  54. Kelton 07

    The video where musty starts out kicking the sh*t out of kids lol

  55. F1R3M0D3

    Top ten rappers eminem is afraid to diss: 14:45

  56. F1R3M0D3

    This is very creative i guess

  57. Definitely Normal

    That plat 2 game was way off. Usually it’s a 1v1 no matter what you chose wither it being 1s 2s or 3s and we wiff way more often and are much more inconsistent. Sometimes I get a flip reset or a air dribble or double touch, then I miss kickoff and the game is tied

  58. Gavin George

    I like sunless more than misty



  60. Adi Abramovici

    Why is classy being rude

  61. Gentex


  62. stacie potter

    I watched this Far

  63. Ryan Al Khayat

    17:10 this is what you've been looking for

  64. Duckie Pooper

    i sub and hit the bell

  65. A Random Corgi

    how is this intense, it looks alot more fun than intense

  66. Noah Sanders



    No Comms?

  68. Vybs

    Joqnsandman is life gold and musty is diamond

  69. The Umbrella

    Cant stop laughing dudeee

  70. Francisco Aritio

    pls stop saying bang bang pls

  71. Brandon Moore

    That gold suck

  72. E

    hey gamer hey gamer hey gamer hey gamer hey gamer hey gamer hey gamer hey gamer hey gamer hey gamer hey game.....

  73. A Random Corgi

    12:50 exactly, the shame always drags you down a infinitely long hallway. Not just musty, every. single. one. of. you

  74. epic_edward



    imagine i won

  76. Brandon Moore

    Could I be in a vid sometime please

  77. cheese ball


  78. SSDSharpshooters

    4:31 TURN IT UP

  79. SSDSharpshooters

    4:11 so no ones gonna talk about moldy cow